Mister Instant Ramen?

It’s largely a self-created problem, what with the chain’s name and all, but it can be easy to forget that Mister Donut doesn’t just sell donuts. Sure, Mister Donut is Japan’s most popular donut chain, but they also serve ramen.

Mister Donut’s noodles are part of the yum cha/dim sum sub-set of the chain’s menu. Pictured above is Mister Donut’s Shiru Soba, a simple but satisfying bowl of thin ramen noodles in a flavorful chicken stock broth.

But while Mister Donut always does a brisk take-out business for its desserts, its ramen is only available as an eat-in item. Soon, though, there’ll be a way to enjoy Mister Donut ramen at home, as the chain is getting into the instant cup ramen game.

Going on sale next month is Misudo Shiro Soba That You Eat at Home (“Misudo” being Mister Donut’s nickname among fans). Many brands of instant ramen use noodles that are fried prior to packaging, but Mister Donut is using a non-fried variety that it says results in a better texture, with just the right amount of firm chewiness to replicate the feel of freshly made noodles. The cup noodle version is also slightly different than the in-restaurant Shiru Soba, as the instant variety includes a bit of wheat bran that the other does not.

The Mister Donut instant ramen is part of the 30-year-anniersary celebration for its yum cha menu, and so it’ll only be produced in limited quantities. It goes on sale at Mister Donut branches on October 11, priced at 270 yen (US$1.85), and true to its Misudo Shiru Soba That You Eat at Home name, is only available as a take-out item, and cannot be eaten in-store (conveniently, this gives you an excuse to buy a bunch of donuts to take home too). Oh, and if noodles aren’t your thing, don’t forget that Mister Donut also has really, really good hot dogs.

Source: Mister Donut via Otakomu
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