It was supposed to be a sweet moment. Instead, it became an unforgettable horror.

If you’re anything like us, you apply a lot of your mental energy to video games and sweets, and so you no doubt remember that last fall donut chain Mister Donut offered Pokémon-themed donuts in Japan. The most popular, of course, was the Pikachu donut, a tempting combination of banana chocolate and adorableness.

Now fans in Taiwan are getting to try them too, as Mister Donut’s branches in the country have begun selling them there as well.

Pikachu desserts aren’t the sort of thing any sensible person passes up the chance to eat, and so Taipei resident and Japanese Twitter user @1007hiro went to go pick up one of the treats. He then took his time leisurely strolling back, which turned out to be a mistake, because when he stepped inside his home and opened the bag, his Pikachu looked like this.

Sure, it looks enough like the beloved Pokémon mascot that maybe you can still imagine it saying “Pika!,” but only after it first declares “I hunger for your soul, puny mortal!”

So what happened? On the day @1007hiro did his Mister Donut run, it was 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

What’s more, conditions in the Taiwanese capital that day meant the sensible temperature was calculated at 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Not being atmospheric scientists, we’re not really qualified to give an in-depth explanation of exactly what that means, but in laymen’s terms a sensible temperature of 45 degrees can best be described as “the temperature at which Pikachu becomes an abomination that will haunt your nightmares for eternity.”

Online commenters have been expressing their horror in no less than three languages (Japanese, English, and Taiwanese/simplified Chinese), with some of the reactions being:

“Thanks for introducing me to my new sleep paralysis demon.”
“So terrible.”
“I make that same face when it gets that hot outside.”
“I think even if you took him to the Pokémon Center for treatment, the nurse would tell you there’s no hope of recovery.”

Others wondered if maybe what they were looking at was perhaps a different species of Pocket Monster altogether, or maybe part of a tie-up with a completely different franchise.

“Are you sure that’s not Ditto?”
“His mouth is turning into Psyduck.”
“Half Pikachu, half Donald Duck.”
“So Pikachu is having a crossover with Resident Evil?”
“Pokémon/Made in Abyss collaboration.”
“It looks like some form of alien life you’d see in Star Wars.”
“I think I’ve seen that guy in an H. R. Giger painting.”

But even as his facial features melt into a disturbing mess, Pikachu is still able to captivate, and @1007hiro’s donut has now earned a piece of fan art.

This actually isn’t the first time Mister Donut’s Pikachu donuts have traumatized those who lay eyes upon them, and while this time the chain itself doesn’t seem to be at fault, if you’re planning to wait until you get home to eat yours, you might want to consider bringing an insulated bag with an ice pack for the walk back.

Source: Twitter/@1007hiro via IT Media
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Insert images: Mister Donut, Twitter/@1007hiro
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