It seems like the Japanese are not the only ones crazy about personality tests. According to this one introduced by Weekly Pass, a Korean blog powered by Naver, the roles in a circus can unveil your hidden weakness!

First, imagine you’re a member of the circus. If you could choose between an entertaining clown, a beast tamer, a tightrope walker and a popular magician, which role do you imagine yourself taking on?

Have you decided? Now, read on to find out what your Achilles heel might be!

1. An entertaining clown
Being unable to say “no” is your greatest weakness. Whenever someone pleads and says something along the lines of “I seldom ask you for favors, but…” you cave in even if you weren’t really willing to help. You might want to try to be more assertive about your opinions.

2. A beast tamer
lion tamer
The lack of ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships is your greatest weakness. A skilled beast tamer has to try to understand the thinking and behavior of the animals, and create their own way of communication with the beast during training. Likewise, it might be a good idea to try to understand what others are thinking.

3. A tightrope walker
You find yourself dull and common and tend to feel depressed because of that, often wishing that you could become a charismatic leader. Overcome this weakness by understanding that everyone has their own value. Build up your confidence by changing your mindset and convincing yourself that “I am special”!

4. A popular magician
Being too straightforward and extreme with your opinions is your fatal flaw. Because of that, you tend to get into heated arguments even over small matters, and that often puts you in a bad light. Try to get the full picture in any situation before deciding on your response.

Being an anime fan, I couldn’t help but wonder if the characters in Kuroshitsuji’s Book of Circus arc harboring these weaknesses. What do you think? Was the test spot-on for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Weekly Pass via Zhaizhai News
Images: Bansyuyarou