One small change makes the iconic Disney movie dress memorable for a completely different reason.

While last year’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake was a pretty big hit in Japan, in the minds of most Japanese Disney fans, the animated film is still the definitive version of the tale as old as time (or at least 1991). More than two decades later, even people who aren’t particularly passionate Disney fans can instantly recall the cartoon’s memorable dance between heroine Belle and the Beast, right down to the elegant saffron ball gown that Belle wears in the scene.

And so when Japanese Twitter user @salary_manma’s young daughter wanted to color a drawing of the characters, she naturally chose a picture of the pair dancing. But while she stayed faithful to the hue of Belle’s dress, the way in which she applied the color resulted in a very different, and startling sexy, design.

Instead of coloring Belle’s torso yellow, @salary_manma used the same skin tone as she did for Belle’s face, neck, and shoulders. So while the animated Belle’s low-cut, off-the-shoulders outfit was a little daring, she’s now wearing an even more revealing ensemble consisting of a skirt, long gloves, and some sort of over-the-biceps silk tube top that magically floats in just the right position to keep her nipples concealed.

“I don’t think the Beast is going to be able to keep his composure,” tweeted @salary_manma. Online reactions included:

“Looks like the Beauty is pretty wild too.”
“It’s gonna be hard for the Beast to keep his eyes on her face.”
“And little by little, the two fell in love.”
“Can’t wait to see your daughter’s next art project.”

But it turnd out that @salary_manma’s daughter isn’t the only one who interpreted Belle’s line art this way, as another Twitter user shared her own child’s coloring.

As with the Batman symbol/tonsils and teeth (or cherry blossom petals/dogs), this may be one of those thing that once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. As such, it might just be best to resign yourself to the probable coming of “sexy Belle dress” fan art, or people posting @salary_manma’s daughter’s coloring with the hashtag #fitnessgoals since that stark vertical line on Belle’s stomach suggests she’s got some seriously toned abs.

Source: Twitter/@salary_manma
Top image: YouTube/Disney Movie Trailers