Still, it was a lot of messy fun for the whole family.

Temperatures have been soaring in Japan, causing a wave of deadly heatstrokes throughout the country. Faced with such scorching heat, everyone is trying to distract themselves from the harshness of the humid summer.

And one person, the daughter of Japanese Twitter user @mohikan1974, thought to bring some cool, refreshing fun to the dinner table with a hollowed-out watermelon half, some ice, straws, and a bottle of Mitsuya Cider (a colorless soda akin to Sprite).

Her concept was straightforward yet ingenious. It involved sticking straws into the sides of the fruit and pouring cold soda into its cavity to form a reservoir. Everyone in the family could then enjoy a refreshing watermelon-flavored soda fountain.

▼ But alas, her experiment had one flaw.
(Translation below)

“I thought my daughter was a genius when she came up with an idea for a watermelon-flavored Mitsuya Cider automatic drinking apparatus. But since we couldn’t take our mouths off of the straws, it turned out to be a torture device instead.”

Like a brilliant science experiment gone wrong, liquid began streaming out of the straws as soon as soda hit the cavity, with the only option being drinking it all up or blocking the straws. Either way, everyone would have been stuck at the table until the last drops of Mitsuya Cider were drained. While it caused a bit of a mess, we imagine the surprised family had a good laugh out of it.

▼ Perhaps this marks the start of a science career for the daughter.

Japanese netizens thought it was great entertainment nonetheless:

“That’s terrible! I’ve not laughed out loud like this in a long while.”
“Your daughter will understand the fundamentals of siphon mechanics by the time summer vacation ends.”
“It would have turned out better if the straw was inserted diagonally upwards.”
“What an interesting and fun torture device.”
“This kind of stuff makes me smile.”

Summer is sizzling hot over here, and despite that watermelon soda device not cooling everyone down as expected, we’re impressed with how the daughter unwittingly turn the whole affair into a lively family activity.

Source: Twitter/@mohikan1974 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mohikan1974
Insert image: Pakutaso