Personality test

Play this Nintendo game with your partner before you decide to marry them, Japanese Twitter says

Some pre-marital fraternal violence can reveal your chances of spousal happiness.

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Retro game personality test: What the way you wrapped your N64 controller cord says about you

Japanese game fan analyses how your wrapping style reflected your childhood and predicted your adult life.

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Which Pokémon will you evolve into? The official quiz, and how to take it in English

Choosing four keywords tells if you’re on the path to becoming Raichu, Gyarados, or one of more than 30 other Pokémon, and how to level up in life.

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What Pokémon Type are you? A quick look at your social media habits will give you the answer

Personality quiz reveals if you’re a fun-loving Grass Type or a relentless Dark Type.

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Which Pokémon are you? Official quiz reveals your Poké-personality, and how to take it in English

The Pokémon Center recruiting page has a few questions for you to help determine if you’re more of a Pikachu or a Magikarp.

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Wondering if your boyfriend will be a good husband? Give him the tea test, Japanese Twitter says

Simple behavior has a deep meaning, according to believers.

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Japanese personality test says you can tell a person’s character by how he or she sleeps

The King, the Hug, and the Half-Fetus all offer a peak into a sleeping person’s psyche, test claims.

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Kobushi Shindan: The personality test that you can take just by making a fist

All it takes is the “rock” from rock-paper-scissors to get a read on your opponent.

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How long is your pinky? Your smallest finger may reveal your biggest personality secrets!

Our nails may reveal a lot about us, and so may our middle and index fingers, but so do the length of our pinkies (apparently).

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Japanese TV show teaches us how to read someone’s personality just by looking at their hands

From now on, first impressions are useless; just ask to see their hands.

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“No boys allowed” New Japanese cafe caters exclusively to female otaku (and there’s a nerd test)

Get your cosplay wig trimmed while you sip on some drinks at this “girls only” otaku cafe. Oh, and there will be a test! 

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Are you a sadist or a masochist? Two simple tests reveal everything — all you need are hands!

Actually trying to communicate is probably the best way to get to know someone, but there are various other methods that people can use to try to learn about the personality of someone they’ve just met. Some claim that simply by observing the shape of someone’s nails, the way someone crosses their arms, or the way they style their bangs, you can make out bits and pieces of their personality.

Adding on to the never-ending list of unorthodox personality analyzing methods, we have today two simple tests that claim to be able to tell if a person is a sadist or masochist, just by observing the way they show you their hands. Which are you?

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Does the way you eat ice cream say something about you? Japanese Twitter users compare styles

In Japan, it’s common to try to pinpoint a person’s personality type based on a variety of factors, from the more traditional blood type theory and looking at first names to analyzing nail shape.

In a new trend, Japanese Twitter users have been comparing the way they eat ice cream with one another and musing what that says about them as people. Sadly, while no one has created an infographic yet depicting what the different types mean, it’s still fun to marvel at all the eating styles out there. Where do you fit in with them all?

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How hentai are YOU? Find out with this Japanese personality test!

This Japanese personality test, which is doing the rounds on Twitter this week, claims to reveal the inner workings of your subconscious by putting you in an impossible situation and asking you to choose between four equally unpleasant options.

We’re not making any claims about the accuracy of this test, but we do think it’s pretty hilarious. Join us after the jump to find out how big a pervert you are.

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No need to ask for blood types – Find out personalities via first names

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure out someone’s personality type without actually sitting down and, you know, getting to know them? Who has that kind of time nowadays? Think of how much less small talk you’d have to go through if you could instantly know the personality of that cute guy over there just by asking his name. Momotaro? No, thank you. Ken? I’m interested.

An interesting chart from a magazine surfaced via Twitter the other day. It describes personality types based on the first sound of your name. It’s geared toward Japanese names, but it may work for non-Japanese names too.

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If you were in a circus, what would you be? Your choice reveals your weakness!

It seems like the Japanese are not the only ones crazy about personality tests. According to this one introduced by Weekly Pass, a Korean blog powered by Naver, the roles in a circus can unveil your hidden weakness!

First, imagine you’re a member of the circus. If you could choose between an entertaining clown, a beast tamer, a tightrope walker and a popular magician, which role do you imagine yourself taking on?

Have you decided? Now, read on to find out what your Achilles heel might be!

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Nailed it! The shape of your nails may reveal the type of person you are!

When we interact with someone, our eyes often pick up physical characteristics such as the color of their eyes, the length of their hair (ooh nice Tiffany earrings), their height (are those heels Louboutins?)… and our brain puts them all together and files them away in a neat little folder that contains our impressions and memories about that person. But here’s one little detail that we commonly overlook, yet could potentially tell so much more about that person!

A recent personality diagnosis trend in Japan suggests that shape of your nails could reveal characteristic traits about you! What shape are your nails?

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