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We have a hard time imagining that anyone but the dimmest Gotham City resident would be especially shocked to learn that mysterious millionaire and occasional shut-in Bruce Wayne was the man behind the Dark Knight’s mask all along, but we doubt anyone saw this coming.

This series of fantastic photos taken by a blogger known only as Gigabeetle features modded Godzilla figures in a variety of hilarious poses. As well as revealing the true identity of the Big G, the pictures show a side to the monster that we never knew existed, catching him dancing around wearing top hats, doing his best Sailor Moon impressions, and, um, indulging in a little bit of nose powder

Picked up by Kotaku Japan yesterday, these photos quickly became the talk of the town here in Japan. We think you’ll have no trouble understanding why.

▼ Sailorzilla invokes the power of the moon to make him purdy.

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▼ Sirzilla, meanwhile, enjoys a tipple while sporting a magnificent moustache.

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▼ Who knew Godzilla had such moves??

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▼ Luizilla is what we imagine would happen if Bowser and Luigi had a baby.

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▼ The less said about Blowzilla the better, really…

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▼ And of course then there’s the man himself, Batzilla.

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After seeing this, is anyone else waiting for a slot in Bruce Wayne’s forehead to open to reveal a team of hamsters working the controls??

There are many, many more hilarious Godzilla photos to be enjoyed over on Gigabeetle’s Tumblr, so be sure to head over and check them out. Fantastic work, Gigabeetle. Thank you, whoever you are!

Source: Gigablog via Kotaku Japan
Photos: Gigablog