The exclusive four-piece Sailor Moon marriage certificate series is finally complete with the best design in the whole collection.

Late last year, we were thrilled to learn that people in Japan could register their marriage in the name of the moon, with city halls around the nation accepting a new series of specially designed Sailor Moon marriage certificates.

▼ The first two designs in the series were “Sailor Moon Romantic Love” and “Sailor Moon Make Up Princess”.



After revealing the first two designs in the set, they released the third design in the following months and then kept us waiting yet again for the final instalment.

▼ The third design, “Sailor Moon Moonlight Kiss” captured an atmospheric, romantic encounter between Usagi and her beau, Mamoru.


Finally, the last illustrated certificate in the series has been unveiled. Featuring our heroine, her beloved Mamoru, better known as Tuxedo Mask, and Luna and Artemis by her side, this is the most detailed piece in the whole collection.


The creators of the design have included five special points that fans will love.

A. The Veil
Usagi’s trademark “o-dango” hairstyle, so-called because the rounded designs on either side of her head are in the same shape as a couple of rice dumplings, is set off with a flowing veil. The delicate lace sits around her hairstyle in a way that looks like dancing butterflies.

B. The Crescent Moon
Sailor Moon’s trademark symbol appears on her necklace, her earrings and in details around her wedding dress.


C. The Tuxedo
Tuxedo Mask, whom Usagi lovingly calls “Mamo-chan”, has swapped his trademark black tuxedo for a brown and ivory number in honour of the big day. His gold vest matches Usagi’s hair colour and is said to sparkle like the moon.

D. The Bouquet & Boutonniere
The flowers, as a bouquet in Usagi’s hand and a boutonniere on Tuxedo Mask’s jacket, feature snow-white roses as a symbol of their vow to love each other for eternity.

E. Luna and Artemis
The magical cats from the series have dressed up for the special occasion, with flowers to match Usagi-chan and Mamo-chan. And to show just how happy they are, they’ve put their tails together to form the shape of a love heart.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.41.52 PM

Proving that they’ve thought of everything, the marriage certificate comes in a kit which includes two copies of the unique design, so couples won’t have to cry while parting with the beautiful image at City Hall. With another identical copy to fill in with personal details and keep, the marriage certificate makes a beautiful memento of magical, eternal love.

Source, Images: Konin-Todoke