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There is no shortage of beautiful women on the internet, but nowadays you need something…else, to separate you from the crowd. We’ve introduced hotties before, ranging from a marathon runner in China to a police woman in Xinjiang. Our next looker is from Mongolia and also puts her life on the line every day to protect the people in her city, which already makes her someone you don’t want to mess with. You’ll especially want to watch yourself when you find out that her husband and the majority of her family are in the business as well!

Hailing from Ürümqi in Mongolia, Halixian Yimingjiang, is no noob when it comes to knowing about a police officer’s life. Not only is her father an officer in her hometown, her darling husband protects the border 700km (435 miles) away.

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In fact, there are eight police officers in total in her family, including her older and younger brothers. Wow, talk about falling into the line of duty!

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Although she and her husband work very far away from each other and they may only see each other once a month, distance matters very little to them. She credits the internet and technology for maintaining their relationship so well. And with so many family members as part of the police force, it is also very difficult for everyone to gather during holidays since at least one of them usually has to work. But that doesn’t keep any of them from straying from their dreams and lifestyle.

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Life is all about achieving goals, and this police officer can assuredly cross something else off her list.

  • Follow in your father’s footsteps and become a police officer. CHECK
  • Find a wonderful husband, who values the same things you do. CHECK
  • Look fabulous while doing your job. CHECK
  • Internet fame. CHECK

Keep on serving and protecting the lucky people of Mongolia!

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