Can we pick out the Japanese premium priced persimmon in this blind taste test?

Premium vs. supermarket — we try to avenge our persimmon failings from five years ago.

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We try pickling a mysterious fruit gifted to us by a man in the mountains【SoraKitchen】

These delicious pickles are hard to obtain, but even harder to stop eating! Read More

Can we pick out the expensive Japanese grapes in a blind taste test?

Luxury fruit goes head-to-head with a supermarket bunch.

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Can we pick out the expensive Japanese watermelon in a blind taste test?

Taste isn’t the only determining factor for expensive fruit in Japan.

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Our 40-year-old reporter tries muscat grapes for the first time, conquers childhood trauma

Seiji Nakazawa discovers that grapes have come a long way in the past 30 years.

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Lindt’s new “Nagano Purple” celebrates a rare luxury Japanese grape variety

Introducing Japan to a new world of fruit flavour.

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Do expensive 10,000 yen Japanese cherries taste better than cheap ones from the supermarket?

Blind tasting reveals expensive Japanese fruit might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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“H” means a few things in Japan, which is why we mistook this vending machine for something else

An H vending machine, right in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

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Mister Donut’s new Angel Fruit series elevates angel cream doughnuts, takes taste buds to heaven

R.I.P. taste buds, it was nice knowing you. 

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Edible One Piece Gum-Gum Fruit goes on sale in Japan【Photos】

May or may not make your limbs stretch like Luffy, but absolutely will be a dessert you’ll never forget.
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We try Starbucks Japan’s new tongue-twister Frappuccino

The taste of a Japanese summer festival in a cup!

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“Kiwi-flavored” bananas Kiwi’na spotted at Japanese supermarkets

Do you really Kiwi’na hurt me?

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Starbucks Japan’s tongue-twister Frappuccino aims to bring smiles for summer…outside of summer

Starbucks starts setting the seasons according to its own calendar.

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Japan’s gorilla poo oranges are now in season, and being given away for free!

”Miraculous” fruit is an auspicious way to start the new year, growers say.

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Tokyo’s beautiful new hot-selling fruit sandwich cubes…are from a 300 yen store?!?【Taste test】

3 Coins’ gorgeous desserts have six sides.

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Kyoto’s newest Shinkansen souvenir: Canned cakes filled with matcha and cherry blossoms

A beautiful way to cap off a trip to the ancient Japanese capital.  

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Turn a persimmon into a pudding with one simple ingredient

No gelatin necessary for this no-bake Japanese purin recipe!

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Persimmons are best served roasted? We try out a surprising expert recommendation【SoraKitchen】

As it turns out, roasting persimmons creates an entirely different food experience!

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Fukushima peaches: Worthy of the praise given to them by foreign Olympics teams?

Australia and the United States have been vocal about their love for these Japanese peaches, so we buy a box and try them out. 

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Beautiful cans of cake become a viral hit in Japan

We lift the lid on a rare beauty that everyone wants to try right now. 

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