taiko no tatsujin

Sure, you’ve all heard of Dance Dance Revolution (affectionately called DDR by stomp dancing fans everywhere). But how about Taiko no Tatsujin? Translated as “Drum Master,” this arcade game gives players a faux taiko drum to bang out a predetermined rhythm, doling out points for perfect on-time hits. It’s been around in Japan since 2001, but there seems to be no shortage of amazing drummers turning up in game centers across Japan. The photo above, showing two enthusiastic taiko drummers playing the game with movements that are the equivalent of using that extra bar to launch yourself in the air while playing DDR, surfaced on Twitter just this week…which got us thinking, how many other crazy drummers have been spotted in Japanese game centers?

Let’s not forget that the Japanese taiko is an actual instrument, not just a kids’ game. Here’s professional taiko group, San Jose Taiko, being amazing:

But the tweet that started it all impressed us (and the 18,000+ retweeters) so much that we decided to search for some more amazing Taiko no Tatsujin players.

▼ Check out this duel wielding action.

▼ Or some even peppier duel wielding action.

▼ Even this 4-year-old kid seems to have mastered the way of the drum (this time, using a console version of the game).

▼ And the best drummers get to compete in the Japanese national Taiko no Tatsujin tournament.

You may be thinking that these drummers aren’t a big deal, after all, you sat on your couch every day that one summer and played Guitar Hero until your fingers bled and you finally mastered The Devil Went Down to Georgia (not). But playing Taiko no Tatsujin requires legitimate real world drumming skill, and unlike your Guitar Hero rockers, these drummers can still drum out a tune long after the game’s been put away. So rock on, you taiko tatsujins! You’ll always be cool in our book!

Source: Hamusoku