Now anyone can learn to play traditional Japanese drums, and there’s a safe that needs breaking into too!

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting gacha capsule toys, which seem to be continually upping the ante every time a new range is released. Now, there’s yet another reason to go hunting for the plastic vending machines that dispense these little miniatures, because there’s a chance you’ll come across this latest collection from Tama Kyu, famous for their “New Standard Capsule Toy” releases.

▼ Say hello to the “Maji de Naru Taiko

Maji de Naru Taiko” translates to “Taiko That Seriously Sounds“, a name that captures the feeling of surprise people will get when they hit the little drum and discover that it seriously works, replicating the sound of a genuine taiko drum.

Real drums can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, but these little toys retail for 300 yen (US$2.89) each, making them a much more affordable option for those wanting to enjoy taiko at home. The five colours in the range are:

▼ Brown

▼ Dark Brown

▼ Red

▼ Black

▼ Gold

The design of each drum has been faithfully reproduced to look and sound like a real taiko, only on a smaller and somewhat quieter scale, which neighbours will no doubt be thankful for. And for further authenticity, each drum comes with a stand to put the taiko on and two sets of bachi drumsticks, a thicker pair for playing it like an o-daiko, horizontally on the stand, and a thinner pair for when you want to play it as you would a nagado, vertical to the ground.

Unlike a real taiko, however, the stand and sticks can be stored inside the drum to help keep your workspace neat and tidy, and another unusual point of difference for this capsule range is the fact that it will be delivered without a capsule casing around it. That means when you turn the dial on the gacha machine, you’ll see the drum pop out into the receptacle, in a similar way to the onigiri ring case gacha, which surprised us when we laid eyes on it last month.

▼ Like a real taiko, using the bachi on the edge and middle of the drum will produce a different sound.

Accompanying the new release is another set of unusual gacha toys called “Maji de Wareru Kinko“, which translates to “Safe That You Can Seriously Break Into“, which allows you to do exactly that.

And here to help promote the two new toys is a music video called “Plastic Love“, which follows the love story of the pink “taiko” and the blue “kinko“.

▼ Take a look at the music video below.

That music video reminds us of the zany one produced by the same company for the “wana” trap capsule toy released last year. Tama Kyu certainly isn’t afraid to break new ground with their “New Standard Capsule Toy” collections, making them one to definitely keep an eye on in the future.

The taiko and kinko capsule toys went on sale at gacha machines nationwide from 25 January, and if the music video above is anything to go by, we’ll need to buy at least one of each of them to keep their love story alive on our tabletops.

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Top image: PR Times © TAMA-KYU
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