No, we are not kidding.

Things are finally starting to look up for our Japanese-language reporter Seiji, who recently married his girlfriend after years of battling loneliness. With an assuring spouse supporting him in whatever he does, Seiji can now focus his efforts on achieving his dreams of participating in a music festival.

The only problem is that Seiji has never stood on a music festival stage despite being in his band for 12 long years. They tried hard, of course, applying to famous Japanese music festivals like Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic, Rock in Japan, and Rising Sun Rock.

▼ But Fresubt — as the band is called — failed all the initial screenings.

Their strategy of throwing applications at big-name events apparently did not work, but the group kept up their practice nonetheless. Things took an unexpected turn one night, however, when Seiji struck up a conversation with drummer Takamasa Imai as they headed home.

Seiji: Anything groovy happening with si,irene lately?

Imai plays in another band called “si,irene”, one that has foreigners taking vocal and guitar roles. With English lyrics and chords and beats that fit better with a western crowd, the group is quite active overseas. Their next live performance was to be held in England.

Imai: We’re doing a recording next! Our guitarist left us though.

Seiji: What!? What about England then?

Imai: I’m not sure. Wanna join us?

Seiji: Huh? Are you serious?

Imai: I’ll ask the other members.

It was an invitation as casual as heading to the nearest convenience store together, but Seiji could not help but feel more than a little hopeful. Such an opportunity might never come again in his music career.

▼ Playing in Japan was one thing, doing so in England quite another altogether.

When Imai said he could join the next day, Seiji suspected it might be a tiny little performance or something quite insignificant… until the drummer gave him more information about the venue.

▼ It was a 10-year anniversary mini-festival called
At The Edge Of The Sea organized by British band The Wedding Present.

Our reporter’s mind reeled with shock. It really was happening! And 10 August was to be the day he strummed his guitar in front of an enthusiastic crowd! Insignificant performance? Tickets were already sold out as it was!

▼ Seiji and the group will also be performing on 13 August
at Shacklewell Arms another venue in London.

Work hard enough and he might just become a regular member of si,irene, touring countries and playing his heart out.

In the blink of an eye, Seiji Nakazawa has graduated from a musical festival reject begging for a place in rock bands to one already standing on a global stage. Go forth, Seiji, and stun the world with your brilliance. Just don’t forget us when you become famous!

Source: At The Edge Of The Sea, Shacklewell Arms
Top image: ©SoraNews24
Insert images: ©SoraNews24, At The Edge Of The Sea

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