Get ready for a new Pokémon-themed airplane!

Are you flying to Hokkaido sometime soon? If you’re a Pokémon fan, you’re gonna wanna fly in this special new Vulpix airplane!

Airline company AIRDO, the prefecture of Hokkaido, and The Pokémon Company all teamed up to put together the Rokon Jet Hokkaido (where “Rokon” is the Japanese name for Vulpix) to boost interest in Hokkaido sightseeing and tourism. They’ve made an airplane decked out with Vulpixes, since the ice-type Alolan Vulpix was selected as the Pokémon most like Hokkaido, where the most snow falls in Japan.

The Pokémon Company and Hokkaido have already been teaming up to promote Hokkaido tourism in multiple ways, including unveiling 26 different Pokémon manhole covers, many of which feature Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix, so why not make your trip to Hokkaido a Pokétrip with this airplane, too?

The plane features both kinds of Vulpixes. The right side is decorated with Kanto Vulpixes, while the left side has Alolan Vulpixes. Both sides are super bright, fun, and cute! The Vulpixes are painted nice and large from the front of the plane all the way to the tail. They also conveniently match Airdo’s company colors, yellow and blue.

And it’s not just the outside that makes this airplane special. The inside is also decorated with Vulpixes! The headrest covers of each chair will have either a sleeping Vulpix (in either form on the left or right) or a Vulpix peeking out at you. In row 37, which is Vulpix’s number in the Pokédex, the two center seats will have both an Alolan and Kanto Vulpix peeking out at you.

When the flight attendants come around to offer the drink service, they’ll be wearing special Vulpix aprons and serving drinks in cups with original Vulpix designs on them. They’ll also be distributing postcards and stickers that you’ll only be able to get within the Rokon Jet.

The plane is a Boeing 767-300ER which will be flying between Tokyo and several Hokkaido cities, including Sapporo, Ashikawa, and Hakodate, starting on December 1. The plane’s flight schedule will be listed on the plane’s special website the day before the first flight. You can also find a photo gallery and other fun stuff on the website, so definitely check it out if you’re interested.

The best part about this plane is that you don’t have to be here for a special, super slim window of time to ride in it. Airdo is planning to keep it flying for about five years, so you have plenty of time to book your trip!

And if Hokkaido isn’t your destination of choice, you still have about six months to ride the Exeggutor airplane to Miyazaki, and another four-and-a-half years to ride the Pikachu plane to Okinawa, so if you’re down for a Pokémon adventure, you’ve got some options!

Source, images: PR Times
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