Hello Kitty dons yet another hat by becoming a member of one of Japan’s most popular idol groups.

Hello Kitty is known to have tried many things and worked many jobs, from becoming part of a work of classical Japanese art to working as the Pringles man and joining the Sailor Scouts for a stint. Of course, Hello Kitty is always good at her main job, which is to be utterly adorable no matter what hat she dons, and that’s why idol fans are probably going to go nuts for her latest collaboration with AKB48.

Yes, this time Hello Kitty has joined one of Japan’s most popular and successful idol groups by putting on seven different costumes from seven of AKB48’s most popular songs, including “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” and “Heavy Rotation”. This time, she’ll appear on 13 different accessories that you can use in your everyday life to show off your love of both Hello Kitty and AKB48!

First up is this fuzzy, cloth drawstring bag featuring Hello Kitty’s face with her signature red ribbon and the “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” hat.

Then there are two different keychains, one leather, and one plastic. The round, leather keychain features Hello Kitty wearing the “Heavy Rotation” outfit, complemented by a yellow bow and a yellow outline. For the plastic keychain, Hello Kitty wears the blue “Gingham Check” dress with, of course, a blue gingham bow.

Hello Kitty wears these three dresses plus the outfits from “Ponytail to Shu Shu”, “Iiwake Maybe”, “Everyday Kachusha”, and “11gatsu Anklet” (and of course, matching bows), which are all featured on three different accessories. First is a cute pink face towel.

Then there’s a clear zip-up pouch, which also has AKB48’s famous logo on the back.

And finally, there’s a fold-up mirror, which also features the stylish AKB48 logo, this time on the base.

You can also buy Hello Kitty in your favorite outfit (or all seven!) in the form of stickers, which you can attach to your smartphone, notebooks, water bottles, or whatever you want.

These items are also a collaboration with popular teen discount store Thank You Mart, so each one sells for just 390 yen (US$3.26). They’re starting to be rolled out at Thank You Marts across the country already and are expected to be sold online, so if you’re an AKB48 fan, you’ll want to check them out!

Source, images: PR Times
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