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On display at last month’s Otakon anime convention, this incredible feat of cosplay blurs the line between outfit and scale model, with the wearer requiring a small team to help them put it on.

Created by Metal Gear Solid fans and cosplaying extraordinaires Pro Voltage, this homage to one of video gaming’s most bad-ass war machines not only won the respect of its cosplaying peers at last month’s Otakon anime convention, but even earned itself a mention on Konami UK’s blog. And no wonder – just look at the size of the thing!

That said, we have to admit this REX looks awfully cute during its assembly stage…

▼ “Don’t you dare laugh at me! I will crush yoooou!”

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The gargantuan outfit reportedly took the cosplay team seven months to build. No wonder the helpers here are being so careful with it!

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Here’s the video in full. If you’re into your cosplay and have vast amounts of time and money to spend, we’d like to request an even bigger, flashier take on Metal Gear RAY in time for the next large-scale anime convention. To scale, if you could.

Source/screenshots: YouTube – Mike Hecxz via Polygon