Never shy of releasing a special edition product or two, Japan’s Konami Corporation has announced a limited “Fox Edition” Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes-themed PlayStation 4 console just for Japanese gamers ahead of the game’s release on March 20.

We’re sure the console will appeal to some people’s tastes and fans will no doubt want to add it to their collection of MGS merch, but quite honestly we’re not entirely bowled over by the design Konami went with.

Fans of the Metal Gear Solid games, particularly those in Japan who have yet to get their hands on a PS4, will no doubt be tremendously excited at the prospect of a shiny new console emblazoned with the logo of the unit to which Big Boss once belonged, and are no doubt champing at the bit to place their pre-order, but we can’t help feeling that this special edition is, if we’re being perfectly honest, rather uninspired.

The “Fox Edition” PlayStation 4 console is essentially the same unit that everyone else will be able to pick up in Japan as of February 22, but features a gold-coloured logo etched into the glossy portion of the machine’s top surface. Sure, the logo looks kind of cool at such an offset angle, but if you ask us it looks rather odd alongside the PS4’s blue/white/red light strip, and we’d have liked to have seen something that takes the PS4’s visual design a little more into consideration.

I mean, compare Konami’s special edition console above to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII effort from back in 2009, which we think looks infinitely more stylish and doesn’t clash with the machine’s aesthetic design.

▼ Now this is how you do special edition hardware

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.21.54 AMImage via: Engadget

But what do we know, right?

The Fox Edition console will retail for 46,980 yen (US$459), which includes a copy of Ground Zeroes. Those interested in placing an order (which will open in early March) are advised to visit Konami or Sony’s website and register for email alerts as the consoles are likely to be snapped up very quickly, regardless of whether or not a few writers at a small Tokyo-based news site happen to think that Konami really isn’t trying here…

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