Calling all scaredy-cat exhibitionists! If you’re easily frightened and love broadcasting yourself to the world, you’re just the kind of person Japanese video game developer Konami is looking for!

Following on from its video series of sample-group players reacting to forthcoming horror title Silent Hills, Konami is looking for footage of everyday people playing the game and their reactions to it. Better yet, the best videos will be shown at next week’s Tokyo Game Show.

Details on how to submit your own reaction video after the jump.

First, a short recap. A few weeks ago, Konami released a mysterious demo on the PlayStation Store called P.T., which turned out to be short for playable trailer. It wasn’t until PlayStation 4 owners started playing the demo, however, that two things became clear: 1. This was actually a teaser for a new Silent Hill game starring none other than Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl from AMC’s The Walking Dead), and 2. If the finished game is anything like the demo it’s going to be scary as hell.

The game’s maker soon after released a series of videos showing footage of people freaking out while playing P.T., with everyone from grown women to excitable teens wincing and screaming as they wandered the game’s eerily dark corridors.

Now, with the company gearing up for next week’s Tokyo Game Show, Konami is asking for additional reaction footage, this time taken by you the players, to share at the event.

To become a part of the P.T. Experiment, as Konami is dubbing it, simply record a video of yourself playing the (free!) P.T. demo on your PlayStation 4, upload it to YouTube and then share a link on Konami’s Silent Hill Facebook page. If you look suitably terrified, you might even get your mug shown at TGS.

Best of luck, everyone! And hey, if you do decide to make a video, why not share a link to it in the comments section below too so we can see your beautiful, terrified faces?

Source: Facebook via NeoGAF
Top image: YouTube – KONAMI573ch, edited by RocketNews24