Swiss super otaku Melonpan might just be the most bonkers Resident Evil fan on the internet…

As a fan of the Resident Evil series for almost 20 years, I was caught between excitement and trepidation when the next installment in the series, Resident Evil 7, was announced at LA’s Entertainment Electronics Expo (E3) last week. Fan reactions to the series’ sudden and dramatic shift in tone and gameplay style divided opinions across the internet when a playable demo was released which offers a brief taste of the game’s new first-person-perspective take on horror.

One person who has seemingly embraced the series’ new direction is Swiss Otaku and major anime fan Melonpan, who has achieved internet notoriety with a series of bizarre and bonkers stunts and displays of gleeful weeaboo antics. To date, he’s gone tandem skydiving with a dakimakura huggy anime pillow, posed semi-nude with another huggy pillow, and uploaded plenty of cosplay videos to his YouTube channel which showcase his particular brand of madcap otaku mischief.

In his most recent video, “Resident Weeaboo”, he parodies the new game’s demo with a short film of his own creation. Almost entirely first-person, the video includes classic background music from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, and plenty of horrifying imagery. Stalked by a possessed plushy of Umaru-chan from the anime series “Himouto! Umaru-chan”, and haunted by “dead bodies” in the form of anime girl dakimakura, the super-fan shrieks and panics his way through a haunted house of demonic otaku paraphernalia. Can you identify all of the merchandise he’s got on display in his mansion of horrors?

While Melonpan’s video may seem like nothing more than goofy plushy antics to an uninitiated viewer, hardcore fans of horror games like Resident Evil will note that the video contains plenty of homages. Opening a cupboard to have a dead “body” fall out? Check. “Bodies” being dragged out of sight by an unknown antagonist? Check. Pulling aside a shower curtain to reveal something horrifying in the bathtub? Check! The video also cleverly riffs on the aversion some people have to the trappings of otaku life – by making plushies and dakimakura objects of terror and disgust! It truly works on so many levels.

Of course, he could just be nuts. What do you think?

Source: YouTube/Melonpan