A collaboration between video game giant Konami and prostheses expert Sophie De Oliviera Barata aims to give an amputee gamer a new arm inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

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Losing a limb can be a hugely traumatic event for anyone, and it’s certainly something that inspires fear in many people. And even with advances in prostheses, amputees still face challenges, not least of which including dealing with the public.

But we’ve seen some truly incredible projects over the last few years that have helped transform artificial limbs from something people are uncomfortable around into something we can all simply find really cool. Just look at the reaction to the video of Robert Downey Jr. showing up to deliver an Iron Man-style prosthetic arm to a little boy.

▼ Or this artificial leg created through the Alternative Limb Project

Now, video game giant Konami is helping to make artificial limbs even cooler. This week, the Tokyo-based company announced a collaboration with prostheses expert Sophie De Oliveriera Barata to create a new prosthetic arm for 25-year-old James Young, who lost an arm and leg when he was dragged on to the tracks of the London DLR. Konami will be working with Sophie to create a prosthetic arm inspired by the one Venom Snake has in Metal Gear Solid 5 for James, who is a huge fan of the game.

▼ Another artificial limb created by Sophie through the Alternative Limb Project

The project, which will see involvement of engineers, roboticists, and product designers, is being documented via the The Phantom Limb Project blog. A documentary is also being produced and is expected to be released in January, once the limb is completed and successfully used.

In addition to support from Konami, the project will clearly benefit from Sophie’s experience. The director of the Alternative Limb Project, she started her career making extremely realistic limbs for amputees, but eventually started the Alternative Limb Project in 2011 to create unique limbs expressing the individuality of their wearers. Since then, she’s produced a wide range of amazing prostheses, including Spike, the prosthetic leg worn by Vikoria Modesta in her “Prototype” music video.

In case you’re wondering, no, James will not soon be wielding the full power of Snake’s bionic arm. The communications manager for Konami Europe sent out the below tweet earlier this week clarifying that the prosthetic arm will only be inspired by the series.

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Well, maybe they can fix that with a second or third version…

To follow the Phantom Limb Project, head over to their website. You can learn more about Sophie’s work with the Alternative Limb Project on their website. You can also support Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, a foundation that helps children get prosthetic limbs. The foundation that was established by the family of the young girl who was the first to receive one of Sophie’s unique artificial limbs.

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Top image: The Phantom Limb Project