The Tokyo Game Show for 2014 closed its doors this past weekend, and a record number of game companies showed up to display four times as many titles as last year. As always, the ever popular cosplay was a big hit and thousands of people came to buy the unique goods sold there. But what about the show itself? Was it the best attended TGS in years? Did it smash attendance records all around the world?

Unfortunately for the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, approximately 18,000 less people than last year attended the four day gaming exhibition. This may be because of a lack of an impactful announcement, like the PS4, which was announced in 2013. Even with a huge number of games on display and a strong showing of mobile and smartphone games, the facts are simple: not as many people showed up.

▼Sure still looks like a ton of people!


TGS 11

TGS 10

Not to say there weren’t some interesting things to see there. The Oculus Rift was all over the show floor, trying to market itself as the “must-have” gaming peripheral of the year. While Sony also had their own mounted display system, Morpheus, demoing on the floor, they decided to demo their system by appointment only during the show. This didn’t stop the hundreds of people who were waiting in line in case someone had canceled their appointment.

▼Shown here, Oculus Rift, not Morpheus


While relatively few major announcements were made at the show, there were still plenty of pleasant surprises such as the Final Fantasy XV trailer, and a good look at Resident Evil Revelations 2. Attendees could also spend some time playing with the newest iteration in the 3DS family.

▼Also in attendance, Strike Freedom!


▼And Jibanyan from Yokai Watch



God Eater, still as popular as ever in Japan


▼Your mobile games are here! Animal Story (Doubutsu Monogatari) from Zzyzx


This year’s show might not have had more attendees than last year, but it’s still the second most attended TGS in history. With the help of 421 companies and 1,363 games being shown, this year’s show was still able to set a few records.


Don’t miss out on next year’s Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe from September 17-20, 2015!

▼See you next year~!

TGS 12

Source: My Navi News, Tokyo Game Show
Images: Tokyo Game Show