Virtual reality pornography is basically a reality at this point. Oculus Rift plus Tenga equals the end of humanity. Oculus Rift plus a pillow equals hugs as real as your virtual girlfriend. Oculus Rift plus a straw equals a surprisingly pleasant date with your anime girlfriend sitting on the other side of the uncanny valley. We’re now convinced that when aliens discover the remains of human civilization centuries from now, they’ll conclude that it was a magic device known as the “Oculus Rift” that brought civilization screeching to a halt.

And now, an Oculus Rift plus a novelty mouse pad with “breasts” is…actually really, really creepy. And while it probably won’t result in us all withering away to empty husks, this Boobie Squeezing Simulator is almost certainly the beginning of the end.

NicoNico Douga user Ryuto recently uploaded a video showing off his creation. It’s both simple in design and bizarre in practice. Whether or not the world ever demanded–or even knew it wanted–a breast squeezing simulator is a question we can’t answer, but now one exists. And you might even be able to try it out, if you happen to be at OcuFes in Nagoya this weekend! We’re guessing you’ll want to bring gloves…

But before explaining this device, we first invite you to take a stroll through the weirdest Oculus Rift demo we’ve seen yet with this NicoNico Douga video.

▼Skip to around 0:50 for the groping action.

So, as you can see, the device is fairly simple–the user puts on the Oculus Rift, which provides a 3-D scene and an animated girl, and then reaches out to cop a feel. Upon squeezing the breasts–which are actually foam from a novelty mouse pad–the girl squeals with shock, covers her chest with her arms, and turns her eyes to the ground. Which leaves us wondering: If you could program anything for this simulator, why would you make the girl dislike having her breasts squeezed?!

Well, strange design choices aside, the setup is still pretty cool, so let’s look at what Ryuto has come up with.


In the video, the designer first explains that “Recently, the number of demos for virtual reality using head-mounted displays has increased a lot. Putting on a head-mounted display allows you to experience virtual space.” And while Project Morpheus is shaping up nicely, there’s no doubt that the Oculus Rift is getting a lot of love from the community.


Next, Ryuto writes, “And I also got to experience the Oculus Rift head-mounted display this February. Using Unity and MMD, I was able to visit Mami, whom I quite like. I was shouting ‘Wow! Wow!’ the whole time.”


But despite how awesome everything was for Ryuto, he pointed out that there was still a feeling of distance–you can’t really reach out and touch things in virtual reality. Or can you?

Using LeapMotion, a pressure sensor, and an Arduino, Ryuto set up the novelty mouse pad above to respond to squeezing action.


The complete setup is picture above. The pieces include: An Oculus Rift position tracker, the LeapMotion, directional speakers, the “boobie” mouse pad, and an Arduino Mega 2560. All of this is connected to a computer running the demo and the Oculus Rift.

▼Ryuto looks around the world he’s created and…


▼…then he molests the purple haired girl. Family fun!


After watching the girl’s reaction, Ryuto gives her another grope, eliciting an identical reaction from the girl–she covers her chest, squeals, and looks downcast. We still think it’s an odd design choice, but we will say that this is certainly a very practical work-around for the lack of tactile feedback in virtual reality.

▼”Look, maw, both hands!”


If you feel like getting your grope on, Ryuto is even letting the public get a shot at the demo at the upcoming OcuFes in Nagoya on September 14. You can find a map with the event location here, and the demonstration should be available from 10 am to 6 pm.

Just be sure to bring your hand sanitizer, everybody!

Sources: ITMedia, NicoNico Douga, OkuFes
Images: NicoNico Douga