If you’ve got a Vive or Rift at home, you’ll want to stop what you’re doing right now and start downloading!

Though we’re a long way from everyone having a VR headset at home, with the official release of both the Oculus Rift and HTV Vive, it’s now much easier for anyone to basically step into an entirely different world. And, as we discovered last week, the virtual reality experiences currently available can be surprisingly immersive, so stepping into the world of a Ghibli film is almost literally possible.

But with all the virtual reality games and experiences out there, it can be hard to find the right one for you. Well, it used to be hard — someone has made the decision easier for everyone by creating Studio Ghibli VR experiences!

▼ It turns out Totoro is still totally adorable in (virtual) real life!

▼ You’ll also want to walk around the meadow from Howl’s Moving Castle!

If you have either of the major VR headsets currently available, you can download both these experiences and the boiler room from Spirited Away. All three of them were created by Nick Pittom form Fire Panda, a British virtual reality development studio that also produced the popular Apollo 11 VR experience.

Based on the playthrough video below, it looks like the Vive allows you to jump around the scenes using the controller in addition to physically walking around. At the moment, it seems like experiences aren’t completely interactive yet — but they still look like a blast to walk around in!

You can download the demo, which has the boiler room from Spirited Away, the bus stop scene from My Neighbor Totoro, and the meadow from Howls Moving Castle, from WEARVR right now. Even better, you can do so for free! After buying a VR headset and computer to run it, we imagine you might be watching your budget pretty closely.

And if you’re also looking to travel on a budget, you may want to check out our list of free places to visit in Japan. You probably won’t get to see Totoro, but there is alcohol involved!

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Featured image: Fire Panda