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While some video game characters have settled into more or less permanent relationships with their publishers, like Nintendo’s Mario or Bandai Namco’s Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, not every digital hero gets to enjoy a never-ending string of sequel appearances. For example, it’s been five years since the release of Mega Man 10, which so far serves as the final installment in the action platforming series.

But the Blue Bomber’s memory lives on in the hearts and minds of the many fans he acquired during his salad days following his 1987 debut. So even if publisher Capcom has kicked Mega Man to the curb, you can still show your love for the character with these retro-cool Mega Man kicks.

Produced by Tokyo-based shoe company Ubiq, these canvas sneakers are available through fashion label Super Groupies. In many of its anime and video game tie-ins, Super Groupies offers items with subtle nods to their source material that hard-core fans will quickly notice, but are likely to fly under the radar of anyone who hasn’t personally played or watched the series in question.

That’s definitely not the case this time, though.

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The Mega Man sneakers (or Rockman, as he’s known in Japan) come absolutely covered with images of the titular robot, done in the simple yet expressive pixel art from his heyday. Complementing the multitude of poses of Mega Man running, jumping, and shooting, the shoes come equipped with bold blue laces that’re a perfect palate match to the character’s costume.

If you find yourself feeling winded during a particularly long stroll, just look down at the shoes’ tongue for a quick recharge. There you’ll find large illustrations of the E-tanks that have been replenishing Mega Man’s life energy since his days on the 8-bit NES.

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Even the box comes lovingly decorated with likenesses of the character, making it worth holding on to long after you’ve unpacked the shoes.

▼ It’d make a great place to store your retro game collection.

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With the shoes already being as eye-catching as they are, Super Groupies recommends pairing them with a simple, dark-toned ensemble that incorporates flashes of bright blue.

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Preorders for the 9,800-yen (US $83) sneakers can be placed between now and March 15 here on the Super Groupies website. Delivery is scheduled for late June.

Source, images: Super Groupies (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)