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Japan loves its popular trends. They will grab a hold of something that is gathering steam and spread it all over the country. This is especially true in TV. Millions of viewers tune into variety programs to see the current comedy darlings and their catch phrase over and over again. Generally these phrases are popular for a while until the next “funny” punch line takes over. You have to milk your 15 minutes of fame for as long as you can! Just ask Kojima Yoshio or Tanoshingo.

One prefecture is using these popular phrases in a more noble way…to get drivers to pay attention to traffic safety signs! If you ignore these signs it’s dame yo~ dame dame!

Kumamoto Prefecture is known for the world-famous character Kumamon! But perhaps they should be known for something else, putting their own stamp on traffic safety. A recent tweet from Kumamoto shows a traffic safety board for drinking and driving borrowing the recently popular catch phrase.

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The sign reads, “Drinking and driving, it’s not good, definitely not“. The comedy duo Tokyo Erekiteru Rengo have made “Dame yo~dame dame” extremely popular. While Japanese people find it extremely funny, we can’t get past how creepy they look.

This isn’t the first time Kumamoto Prefecture has utilized trending phrases on their traffic safety signs and their continued use has definitely garnered positive attention! (Or created more dangerous traffic situations of people shooting and driving.)

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▼”OMG! Look for reflective material, sparkle sparkle!” “Jejeje” is Iwate dialect for when you’re surprised and was popularized by the TV show Ama-chan

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Summer is here! Take appropriate breaks and prevent dozing!

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When they aren’t using these trendy slogans, Kumamoto Prefecture will often use the Kumamoto dialect to draw your eye. Perhaps drivers are entranced by the way their folksy accent is being used to inspire safe driving!

▼”Don’t drive absentmindedly! Concentrate, concentrate!”

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▼”Pay special attention not to hit pedestrians.”

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▼”Under no condition is speeding OK. It causes big accidents.

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Safety on the roads is incredibly important, and RocketNews24 applauds all strategies used to ensure everyone makes it home with no injuries. Even if it means getting the ear worm of dame yo~ dame dame stuck in your head for an entire day.

Drive safe, everyone! (Mascot of the Kumamoto Police Department)

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Source: Net Lab
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