traffic signs

Should you drive through a red traffic light like this in Japan? Confusing road rule explained

If you’re driving in Japan, don’t be caught out by seeing red and green signals together. 

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Aichi Police refund over a million yen in fines to drivers who violated a misplaced traffic sign

It’s the kind of news you only read about in Monopoly.

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People wowed by Japanese road signs that change automatically in seconds 【Videos】

Traffic tech never looked so cool.

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Watch out for bicycling deer?! Strange traffic sign confuses and inspires Japanese Twitter

Can the internet hivemind can figure out what this sign means?

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Japanese buzzwords and regional dialects keep Kumamoto drivers safe 【Photos】

Japan loves its popular trends. They will grab a hold of something that is gathering steam and spread it all over the country. This is especially true in TV. Millions of viewers tune into variety programs to see the current comedy darlings and their catch phrase over and over again. Generally these phrases are popular for a while until the next “funny” punch line takes over. You have to milk your 15 minutes of fame for as long as you can! Just ask Kojima Yoshio or Tanoshingo.

One prefecture is using these popular phrases in a more noble way…to get drivers to pay attention to traffic safety signs! If you ignore these signs it’s dame yo~ dame dame!

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