A wave of support for the people of Kumamoto has come out of China in the form of warmhearted illustrations featuring the local mascot Kumamon.

Although it would be an understatement to say these countries don’t always see eye to eye, the outpouring of support from Chinese people for Japan has been extremely moving as shown in these pictures currently circulating online.

Kumamoto Prefecture is well known to Chinese people thanks in part to the region’s mega-star yurukyara Kumamon. Easily a household name in Japan, the bear, which is said to have surpassed a billion yen in revenue, has also become a symbol for those outside of Japan to rally behind in support of the disaster stricken area.

Most illustrations feature China’s symbolic bear, the panda, comforting the iconic bear of Kumamoto.

▼ “Because we are ‘bears,’ because we are ‘life'”

▼ “I would like to be with you again on a peaceful Earth. “

Of course inside Japan as well, many Kumamon themed messages of support for Kumamoto have been steadily coming out from the manga community. Let’s start off with manga author George Morikawa, known for his long-running Hajime No Ippo boxing manga.

▼ “Please be strong!!”

▼ “I haven’t lost mon!!”

Makoto Raiku (Animal Land, Zatch Bell)

“Because I heard that Kumamoto men never lose as long as they have sake…THIS!!” [Bottle reads ‘shochu’ a liquor the Kumamoto area is famous for producing.]

Miki Yoshikawa (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

“I stand by you!!”

Kei Sasuga (Dome x Kano, Find New Way!)

“The people of Kumamoto and Kumamon never give in, even in earthquakes! I hope you can relax in a safe place.”

Koji Seo (Suzuka, Fuuka)

“Please stay away from crumbling buildings!”

Keiji Najima (Muromi-san)

“Maybe this is the reason there wasn’t an eruption [of Mt. Aso].”


Sayuri Tatsuyama (Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice)

“For all the dogs and cats lost in the earthquake to be returned to their families. For not giving up the search for more family members. For the saving grace of Kumamon.”

Kyosuke Motomi (Dengeki Daisy, Queen’s Quality)

“Sorry, my Kumamon has a bit of a scary face, but like all of you, his heart is very strong and kind. I pray that safety and security will return to the affected areas one day.”

Mitsukazu Mihara (Gothic & Lolita Bible Cover Art)

Together, stay strong Kumamoto: You’re not alone. Sorry I took the liberty of making Kumamon a loli.”

More artwork is sure to come out over Twitter which can be seen by keeping an eye on the Kumamon Ganbare Art hashtag (#くまモン頑張れ絵 in Japanese). And while you’re at it, why not make your own special message of support. Food and shelter might be hard to send from far parts of the globe, but even a sign of support can make a small difference in the lives of people affected.

Source: Toychan, Twitter/#くまモン頑張れ絵, Netlab (Japanese)
Images: Sina Weibo