I have never thought I’d be gushing over sewing tools, but here I am, 30 minutes into staring at pictures of this new set of gashapon toys titled “The Shugei Miniature Mascot” (The Handicraft Miniature Mascot) because they are simply too adorable. Who would’ve thought you could turn things typically associated with grandmothers into such desirable collectibles by shrinking them to palm-size? Click to see more of these super cute toys!


Like most Gashapon toys, the miniature handicraft figures come in small capsules. Even the capsules are a calming pastel pink that just switches on the handicraft maniac in you. “The Shugei Miniature Mascot” will go on sale at handicraft stores starting early October, and each spin will cost 300 yen (US$2.75). What amazes us most is the detail and authenticity that goes into each of these figures. Produced by cross-stitch designer Oozu Makoto, the full set features a sewing machine, a needle set, yarn in red and yellow, thread in blue and beige, and embroidery thread with hoop in green and orange. Each of the figures are miniature replicates of real sewing products and have been endorsed by each of the companies that make them. I am totally swooning over them right now.

Producer Oozu has personally tweeted images of these cute figures that are generating quite a lot of buzz online:



To top it all off, the chains attached also turn these adorable figures into fully functional key chains. Craft enthusiasts will certainly love this innovative and delightful collection!

Source: Netorabo