Just days after their launch, a handful of somewhat worrying images appeared online showing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones which had bent, apparently after having been kept in their owners’ pockets while sitting. Both Apple and independent reports have suggested that cases of bending are extremely rare, but even so, “bendgate” continues to play on consumers’ minds, no doubt in part due to Apple’s competitors playing it to their advantage and a few overly zealous Android fanboys sharing images of bent iPhones with such frequency that you’d swear they were on Samsung or HTC’s payroll.

Japanese designer and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka, however, is so confident that his iPhone 6 won’t bend that he enlisted the help of 100 tiny friends to put it to the test. As it happens, Apple’s newest smartphone can even take the weight of a zebra, giraffe, polar bear and elephant before it comes anywhere near to getting a case of the bends…

Tatsuya Tanaka is well-known for his love of small things. Earlier this year, we introduced you to his incredible Miniature Calendar, which features Borrower-sized figures going about their day, sawing through snacks as if they were giant logs, sheltering beneath sprigs of broccoli, and getting lost in toilet paper snowdrifts.

Yesterday morning, however, Tanaka took to his Twitter account to share a photo of his new iPhone 6 Plus lying face-down on a couple of wooden blocks. Judging from the weight he put the phone under, these things are clearly made of tougher stuff than we’re giving them credit for.

▼ “October 2, Tue. There has been a lot of talk lately about the iPhone 6 ‘bending’, but it’s clear that even with 100 people on it, it’s perfectly fine. *Photo is an iPhone 6 Plus”

[tweet https://twitter.com/tanaka_tatsuya/status/517452526170304512 align=center]

There you have it, folks: an iPhone 6 may bend if you keep it in the back pocket of your skinny jeans, but if you ever find yourself in a room with an elephant, giraffe, or even a grazing cow, you’ll probably be fine.

Source/photo: Twitter – Tatsuya Tanaka