A Twitter artist fashioned a super small hotel scene next to a plug socket, and we can’t stop staring at it.

Ordinarily, bigger means better when it comes to hotels. Obviously, sometimes you can go too big, but usually you’d prefer extra room in a hotel rather than lying in a rented tube each night (although some would beg to differ).

One big exception is the hotel room crafted by artist Kiyotaka Mizukoshi, who — alongside designer Yuka Nakamura — makes up the miniature art duo Mozu Studios. Starring a million tiny details, this miniature scene tells an entire story in one shrunken freeze-frame.

“Here’s the second instalment in my “Tiny People” series: “A Ryokan for Tiny People”!
I made that one strange area you find in ryokan rooms.
I know I’m not the only one who loves that place!”

Rather than modeling an entire room, the artist focused on the specific veranda area by the window that’s often seen in many ryokan and hotel rooms. This area tends to be set up with a table and two chairs so that you can socialize while looking out at the view. There’s something liminal and fascinating, even romantic about that tiny portion of a room, and it’s captured here stunningly.

▼ The making-of featurette is a must-see.

“There’s a single PET bottle in the fridge. Originally there were more drinks, but the tiny people drank far too much…”

We featured Mizukoshi, also known as Mozu, back when he was first shot into the limelight by a fellow student at his high school… And his skills for crafting tiny, realistic dioramas has only blossomed into further brilliance. He was even a consultant on the Netflix show Rilakkuma and Kaoru!

As he mentioned, this is his second entry in the Kobito (Tiny People) series. The first is a small twisting staircase, much like you would see in any Japanese building, topped with a sturdy wooden door.

Just like the ryokan scene, it occurs right next to a plug socket to provide a sense of scale.

The second work in the series provides a colossal upgrade in terms of miniscule bonuses, as proven by Mozu’s additions to the viral tweet’s thread.

“”A Ryokan for Tiny People”, Trivia #1: an answer to all those questions about ‘what’s that white thing next to the chair?’
Inside this mysterious white bag is…some omiyage! It’s a box of manjuu!
They’re called ‘Mozu Manjuu’.”

“”A Ryokan for Tiny People”, Trivia #2!
Inside the safe, there are four one-yen coins.”

Commenters rushed to leave their words of praise and delight over this small, perfect scenery.

“Arietty could live her little borrower life in here!”
“Wow, that plug socket is gigantic.”
“This is amazing. The pots, the curtains…it feels like people were here only moments before.”
“I love the trash can and the souvenir bags… It makes it feel so real! And you can change the scenery whenever you like, I love that.”

The final comment alludes to the scenery beyond the window, which is actually a fitted screen playing a night skyscape. In other tweets, Mozu showed it displaying other scenes such as an aquarium.

As Mozu already has a number of extraordinary achievements under his belt, including a breathtakingly gorgeous four-minute stop motion movie, we can’t wait to see what’s next in his series of tiny dioramas! Now, if you don’t mind us, we’re going to take a break and watch a lot of tiny food being sculpted. Aaahhh…

Source: Twitter/@rokubunnnoichi via Netlab
Featured image: Twitter/@rokubunnnoichi
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