Opening 70 toys in a capsule toy lucky bag is our best tip for killing time over the holidays

We crack open an overwhelming batch of toys–from the charming to the wacky–in which there’s gotta be something for everyone.

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Wear your love for Nissin Donbei noodle bowls on your bag with these cute mini charms

Udon or soba, kitsune or tempura…you can’t go wrong with any of these noodles.

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Japan’s newest capsule toys: Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open【Photos】

Our natural instinct is to open up our Gashapon capsules ASAP, but it’s not so simple here.

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Akihabara arcades aren’t dead yet! New six-floor game center opens in Tokyo otaku quarter next month

Namco steps in with its first-ever Akihabara arcade.

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Often-forgotten Totoro character is the star of these awesome two-in-one Ghibli capsule toys【Vid】

Line of figure/ring combos is here to make your shelves and your fingers look cute.

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New world record – Tokyo capsule toy shop will have more machines in one spot than anywhere else

Sunshine City set to shine even brighter with opening of Bandai Namco’s Gashapon Department Store.

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Save those coins – Extra-expensive capsule machine toys are on their way in Japan

Bandai’s Premium Gashapon wants to go beyond pocket-change impulse buys.

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New Japanese sake miniatures teach us about drinking culture in Japan

Tiny replicas from a famous brewery are this month’s hottest gacha collection.

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This gachapon capsule machine dispenses real Akoya pearls, with certificates of authenticity

We sent a reporter to go gamble for a genuine gachapon gem.
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A capsule toy vending machine pandemic shopping solution The My Gashapon Handle

Because who knows how many little kids and giant otaku have put their hands on that machine since the last time it was cleaned?

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No coins? Not a problem for Japan’s new cashless gachapon capsule toy vending machines

The beloved capsule toy machines are catching up to the times by losing the coin element of the transaction. 

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Super sweet exclusive Sailor Moon goods for sale at the Animate Girls Festival 2016

Welcome to Volume No. 35,000,000 of More Sailor Moon Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now!

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The Sailor Moon item that will officially turn you into a candidate for Hoarders!

Better move the compacts, communicators, and charms aside to make some room for yet another Sailor Moon item nobody needs, but we all want!

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We find the crappiest capsule toy out there… literally

What’s brown, lumpy, and can now be purchased via capsule toy machines in Japan? If you guessed “a turd,” then you have a gross mind, but are also entirely correct!

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Sailor Moon Gashapon compacts and watches coming out this summer!

You’ll never be late to save the day again!

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So a bikini model and a kaiju walk into Japan’s most famous porn location…to sell toys 【Video】

A rubber suit monster, surreal humor, and a heaping helping of sexual subtext that has nothing to do with the product itself? This might be the alpha and the omega of Japanese commercials.

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Bandai to launch online capsule machines controlled by smartphone

Last week Bandai hinted that they would be announcing something big in their line of Gashapon capsule toy machines. Thinking I’ve seen it all in the capsule toy world I didn’t give it much attention. I figured it was probably just another series of sushi-cat hybrids or sausages shaped like giant isopods, same old same old.

It would seem I was wrong. Actually, Bandai did have something big up their sleeve and will be soon offering their line of capsule toys for random purchase from anywhere you happen to be holding your smartphone. That’s because next month they’ll be doing test runs on the sophisticatedly named Net de Capsule: remote operated Gashapon machines accessible over the internet.

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The magic is back! Adorable Sailor Moon gashapon transformation toys to be re-released this year

Yes, we love our gashapon toys here in Japan. They’re inexpensive, readily available, and we can’t seem to get enough of them… especially if they’re cute, sparkly miniature Sailor Moon transformation toys!

That’s right — back by popular demand, toy manufacturer (and apparently all-round good guys) Bandai will be re-releasing the “Sailor Moon Transformation Compact Mirror” and the “Sailor Moon Stick and Rod” series of miniature toys, and with the intricate details and bright colors that are sure to capture fans’ hearts, they’re every bit as magically charming as they were before!

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Cup no Fuchiko’s “little sister” Gurimi-chan is all kinds of awkward…

It’s no secret that here at RocketNews24 we are pretty big fans of vending machine toys. One the few capsule toys that’s broken out of the vending machine is Cup no Fuchiko. The adorable, demure little plastic lady who sits on the edge of your cup took Japan by storm two years ago, and can now be found in department and gift stores across the country.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this new little-girl version, named Cup no Kado no Gurimi-chan, was an official product from the makers of Fuchiko. Until you notice their tagline: “Don’t sue us!!”…

Yep, Gurimi-chan is pretty weird, in all kinds of ways.

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Mochi Mochi Animal: When cute animals meet delicious rice cakes in gashapon

One of the most symbolic foods of the Japanese winter season is the grilled mochi rice cake. You set up a charcoal grill and put a few slabs of pounded white mochi on it. After a while, the mochi will soften, blow up, and eventually become a warm, golden brown gooey delight that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside like a kind of savory marshmallow.

But what happens when you combine cute fluffy animals with these grilled mochi? Well, toy maker Bandai has the answer for us in this series of adorable mochi anime capsule toys!

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