Underwater photography can produce some pretty spectacular images of everything from exotic fish to magnificent submerged landscapes. It can also give us a new spin on old ideas–like the images of girls in knee-high socks underwater that were so popular last year.

In anticipation of a new photo collection of more models underwater in knee-high socks, photographer Manabu Koga has posted more photos of an underwater model–this time wearing a school uniform.

Due to go on sale on October 20, Manabu Koga’s new collection Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus sees the photographer/filmmaker returning with more submerged ladies. In addition to women with scuba gear, it looks like Koga has been a bit more creative with props–some of the models are apparently using large bionic, exo-skeleton legs and other looks like they’re better prepared for a rainstorm than a dip in the pool.

▼Maybe they help with buoyancy.



▼”Rain drops keep falling on my head…”


But even if knee-high socks aren’t your thing, you may still be interested in the promotional photos Koga released over the weekend. This series of images features Rina, one of the knee-high sock models, back in the pool, but this time wearing a sailor suit. We’re fairly sure that wearing clothes underwater is a great way to get yourself drowned, so we’ll ask all our readers not to try this at home.

▼”Heeeeeead, shoulders, knees, and toes!”

usf (2)

▼Not drowning but posing… we hope.

usfr (1)

usfr (2)


usfr (4)

▼This kind of stuff is why mermaid myths exist.

usfr (5)

If you’re interested in seeing more photos of women in various states of dress underwater, be sure to check out Koga’s books, which can be purchased through Amazon JP. You can see more pictures of Rina on Koga’s Tumblr, where you’ll also find a slew of other aquatic photos. For those of you living in Tokyo, Koga will also have an exhibition with free entrance at Pater’s Shop and Gallery in Harajuku, open from October 24 to November 5.

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All images from Tumblr (Manabu Koga) unless otherwise stated