Finally! A clever solution to a common sock and stocking problem. 

In Japan, where you might find yourself taking your shoes off multiple times a day, ensuring you have clean, neat socks is a priority. That’s why Japanese sock manufacturer Tabio came up with the brilliant idea to create a tiny little sock just for your big toe.

Called the Oyayubi Sack, which literally translates to “big thumb sack”, these little pouches of fabric are designed to be worn on the big thumbs of your feet, or “ashi no oyayubi” (“big toes”) as they’re known in Japanese.

▼ “Yubi Sack” is also used to describe rubber thimbles in Japanese.

These tiny socks really do look like thimbles, however these are beautifully made, with tight stitching and a ribbed section at the opening, similar to what you’d see on an ankle sock. But why go to all that trouble of making a sock for a single toe?

Well, the reason is because the nail on the big toe is a lot tougher than the others, and even when it’s trimmed there’s a chance it might catch the fabric or cause friction at the big-toe end of the sock.

The chance of your big toenail catching the fabric is even higher when slipping your feet into stockings, but this toe sheath works to prevent scrapes and ladders, by forming a snug barrier between cloth and nail.

It’s a tiny product, but a lot of thought has gone into its creation, not only in the stitching, but the material itself, called “Deocell”, which is said to suppress the growth of germs and have antibacterial and deodorising properties.

Our Japanese-language reporter Saya Togashi tested a pair of big toe socks, and found they worked a treat, allowing her to slip into each leg of her stockings with ease. The only gripe she had was the lack of colour options, as they’re only available in black at the moment, which meant her big toe socks were clearly visible through the thin material.

▼ An odd look that’ll attract attention when you take your shoes off at a restaurant or place of worship.

The colour blended in better with black stockings, but in the end she figured the look didn’t really matter, as she doesn’t usually wear stockings with open-toed shoes, and she could always use them on days when she doesn’t have to take her shoes off in public.

▼ Plus, the extra cushioning would probably help if she found herself running in pumps.

The best result, however, was when she pulled on a pair of black opaque stockings. Her toe socks were hardly visible!

Of course, there’s nothing to worry about when using these with regular socks, as nobody will be able to know you’re wearing them except you. However, it would be nice if they could come up with a new option for stocking wearers.

▼ While the big toe sock may not be visible to others, it does take a bit of getting used to, as it feels strange to have a sheath of material around your two toes.

Saya was happy to report that the toe socks didn’t feel as if they were going to slip off at any time, though, which helped her to forget she was wearing them after a few hours.

The big toe socks are available in one size only — presumably big-toe size? — although they are separated into “for men” and “for women” types. Priced at 220 yen (US$1.98) for a pack of two, and only available online (see links below), we can’t wait to see these catch on and become the next best thing since five-toe socks.

Reference link: Tabio Online Store (Men’s and Women’s)
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