As protesters in Hong Kong continue fighting to have a thin veil of “democracy” offered by the mainland Chinese government replaced by a slightly better veil enjoyed by other countries around the world, another story has emerged.

It appears that a UFO has been caught on tape hovering above the massive demonstration. Sure, we’ve seen videos of mysterious moving lights in the sky before, but this one may really change the way we look at UFO videos from here on out.

The UFO sighting is being accredited to a Scottish man named Vincent Smith who noticed it while watching BBC coverage on TV. In the video, a glowing green object can clearly be seen gliding by in the sky, hovering around the top of a building, and then apparently zipping off into the heavens.

Many viewers online speculate that the UFO is actually a drone equipped with a camera taking footage of the event for some news organization or the Chinese government. That seems far-fetched to me. I mean if it was some media camera we should be able to see it somewhere online right? Oh wait here it is…

It did kind of seem like the light wasn’t actually moving upwards in the original video, rather it was moving towards the camera and over the crowd. It’s not conclusive proof, but that mystery’s probably solved.

But it does beg the question: Can’t every UFO video nowadays get written off as a drone? It seems every Tom, Dick, and Kirin is flying these things around so much that it’s no longer odd to see some metallic object moving erratically in the sky while watching us.

On one hand this makes it open season for actual aliens or time travelers to fly around without a care in the world. On the other hand it also makes life really hard for people who enjoy making fake UFO videos. They’re really going to have to up their game not to simply get written off as a drone from now on. I’m talking some organic shape-shifting Flight of the Navigator type stuff.

Source: The News Lens (Chinese), Openminds.tvDaily Record (English)
Original article by Meg Sawai
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