What happens if you make instant noodles with Coca-Cola instead of water?

We try a “forbidden” flavour you may never be able to return from ever again!

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Can French fry and instant yakisoba-flavored sodas surpass kimchi as Japan’s best strange ramune?

Just because you can make something taste different doesn’t mean that you should.

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Family fun and cattle mutilation collide in the new card game UFO

The perfect game to teach kids about numbers and Ummoism.

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Get huge discounts on Japanese hotels… provided you’re a space alien (or claim to be one)

Say “I’m an alien” when you check in to get cheaper rates!

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Survey finds top 10 instant noodle brands and flavors, and Cup Noodle isn’t number one?!

The best noodles ready in about three minutes.

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Nissin develops instant-yakisoba-flavored instant yakisoba UFO【Taste Test】

The alpha and omega of special-edition flavors.

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Hovering lights sighted around Shibuya has people thinking that UFOs are finally here in Japan

Forget Area 51, the Scramble Crossing is where all the action’s at!

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In search of the mysterious “Space Station” on a remote mountain in Yamaguchi Prefecture

The truth is out there.

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Cup Noodle cancels $45 device to remove cabbage from instant noodle lids after lack of demand

Back to the drawing board for Nissin as Kyabebanban fails to set the world on fire.

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Cup Noodle makers engineer 5,000-yen device to knock off cabbage that sticks to lids of yakisoba

Nissin not only makes delicious noodles, they make the world a better place through innovation.

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UFO instant noodles plans to unleash hell of wasabi and mayonnaise

When the suits at Nissin said, “You can’t put that much wasabi and mayo in your noodles,” UFO replied, “like hell we can’t!”

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Flashing green orb seen shooting across sky in Japan【Video】

A large green flashing light was seen flying through the sky above Japan on Monday.

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Video of 10 white globes floating in Osaka sky leaves net users wondering worldwide【Video】

A video showing 10 unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky over the Japanese city of Osaka has been making waves in Japan this week, to the degree that news sites all around the globe have begun talking about it.

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Mystery spot in Japan with strange noises and flying object has us baffled 【Video】

In a scene reminiscent of  something out of the X-Files, there was a report earlier this year of an undisclosed place in Japan where strange loud noises were heard from the sky. Video footage was captured of what appears to be a rainy night where mysterious noises are audible there’s even an unidentified object in the sky.

Personally, I’m not a believer of UFOs, but this video footage certainly has my skin crawling and my mind wondering. We can’t quite figure out whether it’s a sound of nature (some kind of natural phenomenon or a beast in hiding) or a man-made noise.

You be the judge after the jump.

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Utsurobune: The UFO (unidentified floating object) of 19th Century Japan

The image above is one of many illustrations of the Utsurobune no Banjo incident that happened in Japan in the early 19th century. Although there are various accounts of the event, it is believed by many to have been an encounter with extraterrestrials, and not just because the vessel fishermen found in the ocean looks like a flying saucer.

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Giant disembodied head of middle-aged man spotted floating over Tochigi Prefecture

Residents of Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture were baffled last weekend by the appearance of an Unidentified Floating Object drifting serenely across the blue skies of their fair city. Initial reports spoke of a “gigantic head” with “the face of a middle-aged man.” So, what’s the story here? Is this a case of mass hysteria? Did a really ugly UFO really appear over Tochigi prefecture? Or is there a rational explanation for this baffling apparition? Join us after the jump for close-up pictures of the floating monstrosity, as well as the real reason why it took to the skies to frighten residents on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

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New UFO caught on tape at Hong Kong protest may spell the end of UFO videos as we know them

As protesters in Hong Kong continue fighting to have a thin veil of “democracy” offered by the mainland Chinese government replaced by a slightly better veil enjoyed by other countries around the world, another story has emerged.

It appears that a UFO has been caught on tape hovering above the massive demonstration. Sure, we’ve seen videos of mysterious moving lights in the sky before, but this one may really change the way we look at UFO videos from here on out.

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Chinese Air Force chasing UFO believed to have been caught on Google Maps

Back in September 2011, there were widespread flight cancellations across China that were blamed on inclement weather. It was an unusually large disruption to the air traffic across a large country, so some took to the net to ask “What was really going on?” One theory that arose was that the nation’s airspace had been shut down because the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force was engaging UFOs.

Over time, however, the rumors subsided and became the stuff that urban legends are made of. Until now, that is, as a discovery on Google Map’s satellite images has turned up what appears to be two planes following a rapidly moving, blurry white object. It’s an image that many are theorizing to be that legendary close encounter.

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Multiple witness reports of mysterious lights over Okinawa 【Video】

At approximately 9:00pm on 23 January, reports started coming into the Okinawa Times about a strange array of lights over their capital city Naha. Japan’s Self Defense Force and astronomical experts are without answer, yet witness accounts and videos claim a dozen or so bright orange lights appearing to hang and shift around in the sky could be see in the area.

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Teleportation Caught on Chinese Traffic Cam!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz8AC5RXQXQ?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparent&w=640&h=360%5D

China’s state-run media has been known to stretch the truth in the past, but now they’re making a claim that really beggars belief: they have footage of human teleportation. Is it from the basement labs of some high-tech, secret government research center? No, it’s from a traffic surveillance camera, but could it be the real deal? Read More

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