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This plushie of Kirby’s video game co-star wasn’t broken, but it got fixed anyway.

Walk into just about any Japanese arcade, and you’ll find rows of UFO catchers (as crane games are called locally) filled with all sorts of tempting prizes. Actually winning one, though, is no easy feat, as the grip of the machines’ mechanical claws is notoriously weak.

So the daughter of Japanese Twitter user @koukakuruida must have been rather pleased with herself when she came away from a recent UFO catcher session with a sweet plushie of Meta Knight, the dark horse fan favorite from Nintendo’s Kirby video game franchise. Unlike some lowquality licensed merchandise, the stuffed toy was a pretty good likeness of the roly-poly armored warrior, with his bright yellow eyes peeking out from the inky blackness inside his helmet.

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But despite his appealing mix of cool and cute, you have to admit that Meta Knight has some odd proportions, what with his feet coming directly out of his head. Sure, it works great within the world of the Kirby games, since the series’ titular protagonist has a similar build, but without that sort of context, it can be kind of hard to visually process Meta Knight’s anatomy. As a matter of fact, when @koukakuruida saw the plushie lying around, the Twitter user thought the toy was defective, and helpfully decided to fix it

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by adding a pair of eyes!

“My daughter came home with this weird stuffed animal from the UFO catcher. It didn’t have any eyes, so I gave it a pair. Looks pretty good, in my opinion.”

Yes, just like some people see the Batman symbol as a set of tonsils and teeth, so too did @koukakuruida mistake Meta Knight’s determined gaze for a yellowed overbite. Even after another Twitter user was helpful enough to send an illustration of the character for clarification, @koukakuruida remains committed to the kooky redesign.

Now the question is, how long until @koukakuruida gives Meta Knight a pair of legs, too?

Source: IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@koukakuruida (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Twitter/@koukakuruida