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A hunter got more than he bargained for when he shot a bear in the forest in western Siberia – he found his car ransacked the next day in an apparent “revenge attack”.

The man shot and wounded a brown bear while out hunting with two friends. On returning to his car the next morning, he found that it had been completely destroyed by the angry bear – while his friends’ two cars nearby were left untouched.

The three friends were on a hunting excursion in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, western Siberia, when the unnamed man shot a brown bear in the thigh.

The man believes the brown bear followed his scent to find his car overnight and wreak its revenge. His two friends’ cars, meanwhile, were left completely unharmed – and in the mud nearby, the men found bear prints.

A video below shows his stunned reaction as he examines his battered Ford. The front windscreen has been smashed, the seats torn out, the lights smashed in and the bumper wrenched off.

▼ The men circle the ransacked car.


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It’s hard not to feel for the owner of the car, but spare a thought for the bear as well. If I had a bullet lodged in my thigh, I reckon I’d be pretty angry about it too.

Sources: The Siberian Times, Xinhuaxia News
Images: YouTube, Xinhuaxia News
Featured image: YouTube