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If you’ve been in Japan over the last week, you’ve no doubt heard about the young girl in Okayama Prefecture who disappeared on her way home from school on the 14th. While a story like this all too often ends in tragedy, in this case, the girl was found unharmed five days later, confined at the home of a 49-year-old local man, Takeshi Fujiwara.

Fujiwara was arrested on charges of kidnapping and illegal confinement and now details are beginning to emerge from the questioning about his creepy, creepy motives.

Witnesses reported seeing 11-year-old Sakura talking with a man in his 40s or 50s and driving a silver car around the time she disappeared. Her mother, who had noticed a suspicious silver car around their house previously, was able to supply police with a partial plate number.

This eventually led them to Fujiwara’s home, where they discovered Sakura sitting watching cartoons in her pajamas in a soundproof, windowless room that locked from the outside – work which Fujiwara reportedly spent some 8 million yen (US$80,000) having done in December last year. He is said to have referred to the child, who does not appear top have been harmed, as his “wife” at the time of his arrest.

During interrogation, Fujiwara is said to have admitted an interest in young girls, that he threatened Sakura with a box cutter to get her in the car, and that he planned to “raise her to be my ideal girl.”

On second thought, “creepy” doesn’t even come close, does it?

Source: News 24 , The Japan Times
Screenshot via: YouTube – ANN News