animal attack

Death of a Japanese man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing off with one

Is there any way to avoid a grisly end?

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82-year-old woman fights off bear in Japan: “I sent him flying”

Bear picks wrong lady to mess with in her back yard.

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Fisherman attacked by wild boar jumping out of the ocean, defeats it with bare hands

Boars can do that apparently.

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Japanese man wins fight against bear that attacked him by punching it right in the face

Never bring a bear to an opposable thumb fight.

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Hunter finds his car trashed by wounded bear he shot the day before 【Video】

A hunter got more than he bargained for when he shot a bear in the forest in western Siberia – he found his car ransacked the next day in an apparent “revenge attack”.

The man shot and wounded a brown bear while out hunting with two friends. On returning to his car the next morning, he found that it had been completely destroyed by the angry bear – while his friends’ two cars nearby were left untouched.

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