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Last year, we found terror in an unlikely place: a tire commercial. Wheel and tire retailer Autoway, in an effort to remind us all about changing to winter tires before driving down snowy roads, reminded us all that “Winter roads are scary,” especially when they’re haunted.

Now, Autoway is back with a new ad, and while it doesn’t deliver the fright of last year’s video, it’s no less shocking.

Titled Lover, it follows an unseen driver, as he heads out for a drive with the woman he loves.

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Between the faded color, 4:3 aspect ratio, and tender music, a nostalgic atmosphere permeates the scenes. You can instantly feel the long, happy history the couple has, and there’s so much heartfelt affection radiating from the woman, you can tell this is more than just some fling.

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We never hear either of them speak, but as they drive from date spot to date spot, you know their relationship has gotten pretty serious. The pair are on intimate enough terms that the girl feels comfortable letting her guard down and acting silly as they visit a beautiful waterfall, and they’re staying together in the same room of a hot spring inn.

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As a matter of fact, it turns out to be a very special night, since right after dinner, the guy pops the question.

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But despite her ecstatic reaction, shortly before the end of the video, things take an abrupt turn. After four minutes of his girlfriend, now fiancé, laughing and smiling, she turns towards the camera. Framed by snow falling outside the window behind her, her expression is an unsettling mixture of deep sorrow and cold, hard resignation.

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If we’re seeing the world through the driver’s eyes, what caused this sudden shift in tone when he thinks of his lover? The answer comes at the tail-end of the video, which closes with the words, “Love means protecting the people you love.”

We’ve got to give Autoway credit. After stopping our heart with fear last year, this time they’re breaking it with sadness. Message understood. We’ll be sure to slap some snow tires on our car before we go to the store to buy a dozen boxes of tissues. We seem to be all out.

Source: AOL Japan
Images: YouTube