When they aren’t filming commercials involving attacks by Titans or epic 60-hour-long miniature car model shoots, Japanese car manufacturer Subaru has proven to us that they’ve also got some commercials designed to hit you right in the feels.

Take this endearing new clip set in a snowy winter’s scene, for instance. It will surely warm your heart, despite the cold!

The short yet artistically directed new commercial was uploaded with the English subtitle “In The Snow-Your Story With-SHORT.” The YouTube video description describes its premise as follows:

“With the theme of ‘encounters that can change your life,’ we bring you an exclusive commercial which is airing on Japanese TV only within segments of the Friday Road Show–the short film version of ‘A crime of conscience, your story with.’ What kind of stories do you have with your car?”

Although the Japanese description uses a phrase with a meaning equivalent to something like “a crime committed in the full act of knowing,” you’ll understand the actual (sweet) meaning of that phrase once you’ve seen the video. (If you need a little help with the Japanese, scroll down for a scene-by-scene guide.)

The commercial focuses on the same couple driving in their car on a snowy evening both in the present and 21 years ago. The situation they find themselves in the present mirrors the one they experienced in the past:

▼”2014 winter


▼Man: “Just a little bit longer.”


▼Woman: “Ah, snow.”



“1993 winter”



▼Woman: “Ah, snow!”


▼Man: “You’re right!”

Woman: “It’s too bad Yamada-san and Yukari couldn’t come, too.”

Man: [looks surprised] “Yeah…”

Woman: “I wonder if it’s going to pile up!”


▼Man: “Actually, I didn’t invite the others…”

Woman: [looks surprised] “Huh?”

[Man turns toward her slowly]


[Back to 2014] Woman: “It’s too bad the kids couldn’t come, too.”

Man: [laughing] “I didn’t invite them.”

Woman: [looks surprised] “Huh?”


▼[They both laugh and she playfully punches his arm. The scene fades into falling snow.]


▼Narrator: “What kind of stories do you have with your car?”


[Words on the screen: “Safety and pleasure.”]


Sweet, wasn’t it? Thanks for bringing some warmth to our otherwise freezing winter, Subaru!

Source/Images: ouTube (SUBARU On-Tube)