In perhaps the one case in which broadly dismissing an entire group of exotic-looking people by saying, “Eh, they all look the same to me,” maybe isn’t all that offensive, the 2014 Miss Korea contestant lineup once again looks eerily like a lineup of I, Robot-style doppelgangers.

This year saw around 50 finalists, whom the agency holding the competition saw fit to line up in a photo roster for our viewing pleasure:

As you – and thousands of other Netizens – have likely concluded, there’s an uncanny sameness to all these ladies’ looks, from hair style to face shape, and it doesn’t help that they’re all photographed against one of only two possible backgrounds.


The same could be said of the ladies of last year, who we and the rest of the Internet talked about thoroughly at the time; everybody just looks uncannily “same-y” and seems to be striving for the exact same look. Some say this is the direct result of Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery, but reports suggest that this isn’t the case.

Either way, we don’t envy the judges of this particular contest one bit.

Source and photos: Itai News