Earlier this year, we brought you the news that Japan’s wacky anti-piracy ads have turned into something of a cultural phenomenon, with body-popping mascots Camera Otoko and Patrol Lamp Otoko getting their own range of figurines. Now a new ad has been released, which features extra characters Popcorn Otoko and Soda Otoko. But what role do they have to play in this mini crime drama, besides providing delicious refreshment?

In the first part of the ad, Popcorn Otoko and Soda Otoko are the good guys, outraged at Camera Otoko‘s show of blatantly unlawful behavior during the movie they’ve paid good money to see.

▼ Or perhaps they’re just taking offense at his out-there style of dancing?

Popcorn Otoko is so enraged, in fact, that he quite literally blows his top, showering the surrounding seats with kernels of pure indignation.

▼ “Hey, you! Down in front!”

Not to worry, Patrol Lamp Otoko is here to save the day, i.e. drag Camera Otoko kicking and screaming to the authorities.

▼ “Piracy is for losers!”

▼”No! I must dance!”

Looks like Camera Otoko’s days of piracy are over – he’s facing  a maximum fine of 10 million yen (US$100,000)  and/or up to 10 years in jail. Gulp!

In part two of the ad, Popcorn Otoko and Soda Otoko take on the role of master-criminals, dabbling in some online piracy from the comfort of their own home.

▼ Um, how exactly is Soda Otoko operating that tablet with gloves on?

Surprise! Patrol Lamp Otoko smashes his way in to break up the piracy party.

▼This’ll teach you to wait for Game of Thrones, just like everybody else has to!

The new advert was announced by Camera Otoko himself on his official Twitter page, where he thanks his fans for their ongoing support and expresses the hope that the new characters won’t steal too much of his thunder.

We can’t wait for the new mascots to get figurines of their own so we can re-enact all the crime-busting fun ourselves!

Source: Netlabo, YouTube
Screenshots via YouTube