Ah, the classic career path from copyright infringement PSAs to the runway.

Warning people to not take recordings of feature films in theaters in a charming and memorable way is no small feat. Past attempts have made their mark on society but didn’t seem to get their point across.

▼ No, I wouldn’t steal a car, but I would totally build one exactly like it for my own personal use if I had the knowledge and means to do so

But then along came the combo of Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man. Their comical cat-and-mouse capers struck just the right balance of whimsy and warning and won the hearts of Japanese moviegoers. 

▼ Bwahaha! Okay guys, you got me! I won’t build that car after all.

It was such a success that the NO MORE Eiga Dorobo (NO MORE Movie Theft) duo spawned a merchandising empire of their own and became a permanent fixture in the landscape of Japanese pop culture.

Now, they have been recruited by the fashion brand The Shop TK to act as models for their GO MORE Setup line of spring clothing. It makes sense, since their cop-and-robber-themed antics are the perfect way to highlight the urban casual look of this collection.

The GO MORE Setup line is split into five parts. First the Classic Style is made up of the Codura Nylon Set Up and TR Jersey Set Up, both of which combine excellent durability and elasticity with a formal style perfect for any movie premier and subsequent chase when Camera Man tries to pirate it.

The next set is the Relax Style which is the combination of the Amundsen Danball Set Up and again with a TR Jersey Set Up, showing it’s flexibility with a simple change in color scheme.

▼ From top left to bottom right: Classic Style, Urban Style, Pop Style, Play Style, Relax Style, Urban Style, Pop Style, Play Style

Urban Style combines elements of the Classic and Relax styles for a firm presence on the city streets. This is contrasted with the Pop Style, which adds jaunty colors and formal touches in equal measure.

And finally, after a hard day of pirating films or stopping people from pirating films, it’s important to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life. And what better way to do that than with the Play Style that includes a slick baseball cap, which admittedly works better on those who don’t have a police siren for a head.

▼ Here are the base clothes by themselves if the mechanical heads are a little distracting. Pants start at 5,000 yen (US$43) and jackets at 10,000 yen ($86)

The best part is that in this case everyone is permitted to copy the looks of these famous mascots for public viewing, just head on over to The Shop TK’s online store and chose the GO MORE Setup look that best suits you or that special camera-headed person in your life.

Source: The Shop TK, @Press
Images: @Press
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