When the subject of how men can attract women in Japan comes up, there are some pretty dubious sources of advice out there. Rather than apply twisted logic to gain twisted insights on how to pull women closer to them, guys have a better chance of success by putting their efforts into becoming the kind of people women are drawn to without any special prodding.

But what exactly do women want? Well, that’s an answer that of course varies from person to person, but if you’re interested in playing the percentages, a recent poll of women in Japan indicates four things to strive for.

It used to be that the ideal man in Japan satisfied the criteria known as “The Three Highs:” a tall guy with a high salary and lofty academic record. Recent years, though, have seen a swing towards a new paradigm, The Four Lows, which are:

1. Low ego (doesn’t brag or boast when talking to a woman)
2. Low dependency (doesn’t rely on a woman to do housework)
3. Low risk (has enough value to his company that he won’t be downsized)
4. Low consumption (is able to economize and save money)

Internet portal My Navi Woman asked its users if they thought this set of characteristics was attractive in a man, and not surprisingly, the majority responded that yes, they sure are.

Also, grass is green, and cows eat it.

“I’d feel totally secure being with a guy like that,” replied one study participant. “He’d be perfect,” chimed in another.

Of course, romance isn’t always about being the best, or even, a good person so much as it’s about being an appropriate match, and not just to your partner’s values and preferences. For some women, it’s important to be the right guy for the current state of the world. One woman may not have swooned at the idea of Mr. Four Lows, but she’d certainly accept and appreciate him. “I can understand the appeal,” she said. “That’s the kind of man you want in this sort of troubled economy.”

Is Chibatman the boyfriend she deserves, or the one she needs right now?

Still, the art of seduction is complex, and when we said the majority of women desire The Four Lows, we picked our words carefully because 25.7 percent of those polled said they didn’t find them particularly attractive. What some women perceived as modern egalitarianism, others dismissed as plain old wussiness. “Those kind of guys just don’t seem very manly, and I don’t feel like I could rely on him,” explained one. “I’d prefer a guy that has a bit more of a take-charge attitude,” commented another.

Still, most women could see the upside to The Four Lows. You could even argue that one saw too much of their upside. “I totally want a guy with The Four Lows,” she asserted. “As a matter of fact, if he doesn’t, I don’t think he’s going to have much of a shot with me.”

Zero of The Four Lows? Zero chance!

Tough words, but hey, daydreaming about your ideal mate isn’t a hobby that’s exclusive to women. That said, perhaps the healthiest attitude was the one expressed by this woman, who coincidentally said The Four Lows aren’t something her man has to have:

“Sure, from the female perspective, those are all nice qualities. I can respect traditional masculinity, too, though, and I think it’s best for a couple to have a balanced relationship instead of placing one above the other.”

Hmm…somehow this study on how to be a great guy ended up also providing an example of a woman with an extremely attractive way of thinking.

Source: Niconico News, Jin