Tiny gestures can make big differences in how these women see a man.

Japan puts a lot of effort into personal appearance, as thorough grooming and stylish, seasonal attire are considered by many to be prerequisites for going out the door in the morning. But recently women on Internet forum Oshiete Goo highlighted the fact that often a man is at his most attractive when he’s not actively trying to look cool.

The discussion was kicked off when one woman, going by the screen name kozakura, posted:

What are the little gestures and moments that make you think you could fall for a guy? For me, it’s when a man gets a serious look on his face when he’s putting something together or repairing something. Or when he’s talking to an animal…that gets me every time.”

From there, others were quick to chime in with their personal favorites, some of which, like kozakura’s mention of household repairs, included old-fashioned masculine activities, or simply the overall atmosphere of the strong silent type.

“I like the look a guy gets in his eyes when he’s driving and checks the next lane before crossing over into it.”
“When he reaches up to change a lightbulb, or gets something off a high shelf and hands it to me with a smile.”
“For me, more so than talkative guys, I like men who are sort of resonant. Guys who have a cool quietness to them, and who only show their smile to people they’re really close to, those are the kind of guys who get my heart racing. Seeing them smile, there’s a childlike cuteness that just pierces my heart.”

But as some women pointed out, even the most mundane motions can be enough to make them feel drawn to a guy.

“When a guy takes off his glasses, to casually scratch his eye, wipe the lenses, or put in eye drops.”
“The way his hands look when he’s dividing up a large plate of food for everyone at the table.”
“The way he walks. If I think a guy is cool or handsome, he always has a gallant stride. It’s like his attitude and life philosophy are all reflected in the way he walks.”

Of course, some were willing to admit that they might be reading a bit too much into these mannerisms, such as the woman who said:

“There’s something attractive about a guy who’s looking off into the distance. It’s like he’s getting ready to take on a big challenge, or chase after a fervent dream…or maybe he’s just admiring the view.”

But as far as providing that initial spark of attraction, these little things can be enough.

Source: Oshiete Goo
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