Apparently, men in China and the U.K. like women who tend to bat for both teams

Most people have specific laundry lists of qualities for their perfect partner. How tall you are, where you work, what body type you have, whether you pitch in around the house, and whether you have a romantic side or not can all determine how attractive you are to a man or woman, and how willing they might be to date or even marry you.

But now science has unearthed one more criteria that a lot of men might be looking for in a woman: being attracted to other women.

This was indicated by data found in a recent study at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus that sought to solve one of Evolutionary Psychology’s most puzzling questions: Why does same-sex attraction exist? 1,021 Chinese participants and 390 British participants were surveyed about their dating preferences, and the results were pretty clear that men like women who like women.

That was the answer given by one in four heterosexual Chinese men and two in three heterosexual British men, but with the added stipulation that they prefer women who are primarily attracted to men, with occasional interest in other women. If the men themselves had experience with same-sex attraction, they were even more likely to agree. And to top it off, they also said they preferred women who have had “sexual contact” with other women.

▼ He’s probably thinking about that prior sexual contact right now (and she might be too).

“This preference is probably one of the reasons why many women have evolved same-sex attraction in the first place,” said Menelaos Apostolou, one of the authors of the study, which was published in the Science Direct journal. It still doesn’t explain why male same-sex attraction occurs, because women didn’t seem to have the same inclinations about their male partners; men were 6.48 times more likely to prefer a partner with same-sex attraction than women.

But Apostolou also explains that, despite the evolutionary mystery, liking men, liking women, and being attracted to people who like both are just different types of sexual preferences among all people, and each one is totally normal. It’s the same as knowing what kind of hug you like the most or what kind of behaviors you find cool. So, ladies, if you’re having trouble finding a man, why not try to find another lady first?

Sources: Science Direct, PsyPost via Karapaia
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