Who knew the doppelgänger of a communist leader could come with such adorable bopping hips? 

A cute video shared online recently features the sweet dance moves of a young child who’s been dubbed a “Mini Kim Jong-un”. While some might say he bears a passing resemblance to the North Korean leader, this boy moves with all the unabashed freedom of a dancer who’s dancing like nobody’s watching, and he’s putting smiles on the faces of everyone who catches sight of his sweet moves on the Internet.

Not only is this child incredibly cute, he’s obviously talented too. He bops up and down to the music with an impressive sense of rhythm, moving his hips…


▼ His hands…


▼ And even stops in between for a good-hearted giggle on the side.


The cute dancer is actually a Chinese boy named Yang Zecheng, who’s a big hit on Chinese video sharing website Meipai. His videos have been shared around the world, with this one in particular becoming popular for showing off the boy’s rhythmic style.

▼ For another peek at the happy toddler, take a look at this short clip below.

The boy’s chubby cheeks and joyous smile make us want to get up and dance along with him! We hope he never gives up those moves because we can’t wait to see more of the youngster’s adorable dance clips in the future.

Sources: YouTube/Jorge Vega, Meipai
Top image: YouTube/Jorge Vega
Insert images: YouTube/Jorge Vega