Every Great Leader deserves equally great fashion.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive cosplays of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un before, but all of them are missing one thing: focusing as much attention as possible on the Dear Leader’s face.

But now it seems like all of us are going to get a lot more intimate with Kim Jong-un’s visage, thanks to a hot new item from the online clothing store Getonfleek, brought to the attention of the internet thanks to Twitter user @carychowESPN.

▼ We know what you’re wondering: “what on Earth is a romper?”
No worries! It’s a one piece combination of shorts and shirt. Very in vogue.

All romping aside, that is some fashion only fit for a Great Leader. Just look at that nice flesh tone, those beady eyes, the teeth over the groin area, and of course, the buttons running down the nose. And the zoom is so intense you can really see all of the Marshal’s glorious pores!

The romper retails for US$99.99 on the Getonfleek website, but it’s currently on sale for only $79.99. With a deal like that, how could you say no? Especially with reviews like these:

“For once in my life, the gals won’t take their eyes off of me. Apparently this romper also turns straight men gay, as I am getting equal attention from the male sex as well.”
“the only bad thing about this is that i have to take it off and view my regular man’s mortal body. i may order another so that i can wear one while i wash the other. i recommend you buy as many as you can.”
“This… this here is the ultimate womanizer. Thank you supreme leader for sharing this dankness.”

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Gee whiz, I really would love to have Kim Jong-un’s face overlayed all over my body, but I just don’t know if I’m up to the fashion challenge of wearing a romper.”

Never fear, the Great Leader’s face also comes in t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more. Need a little confidence asking out a girl or confronting your boss? Just plop on one of these and Kim Jong-un will have your back. Literally.

▼ No one will dare call you “Fatty Kim III
when you’re wearing one of these bad boys.

Source: Getonfleek via Twitter/@carychowESPN
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