Halloween may be over for this year, but the weather gods in Saitama clearly hadn’t got the message on Wednesday morning this week, as the city was shrouded in a mysterious thick fog – with an even more mysterious name!

Radiation fog is a kind of winter fog that occurs on clear, calm nights as thermal radiation causes the air near the surface to cool, and condensation forms. The freak weather, which enveloped the city’s skyscrapers, typically doesn’t last long, but it stuck around long enough to be broadcast live…

▼ …on the morning news!

▼ “This is Saitama-Shintoshin in the heart of the city…it looks so mysterious!”

▼ “Fog in Saitama. I hear it’s called radiation fog.”


Japanese netizens really had only one thing to say though:

RADIATION FOG?? Even Saitama isn’t safe!”

“It’s radioactive!? No more nukes! No more nukes!”

Oh, and one more thing:

“It’s not Saitama, it’s Shizuoka!” [the kanji for Shizuoka (静岡) means ‘silent hill‘…geddit?]

There’s also this timelapse video, which is definitely the coolest video of fog I’ve ever seen. Huh. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write…

▼ Such fog, though. Such fog.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter